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Forster And Garbusruining my life

I was a victim of identity theft by a close relative. I was sued by a credit card company for $9, 000.. I was unaware of this debt until I received a summons. I went to court several times in regard to the matter and decided to settle with Forster and Garbus for $4, 000 making payments of $100 a month. I couldn't afford a lawyer, so I signed the settlement. I asked the Forster and Garbus' attorney and called several times for proof of the debt so I could pursue my relative but didn't receive anything.
I paid 100 every month for 12 months paying a total of $1200. I was effected by Hurricane Sandy and still sent them the money on time, even though I was displaced from my home and out of work for two weeks during that time. I sent in a payment after the holidays that they said they received after their ten-day grace period. They accepted the payment and sent me a letter saying they filed for a full judgment of $9, 000.I was only late that once because of the holidays. I tried for 2 hours to get in touch with someone at the office. I eventually got someone that said I would have to talk to the supervisor who never called me back.
I would have never agreed to a settlement if I knew that they could get a judgment for the full amount plus more. This company has no morals. Under the settlement agreement, I only owe them $2800. Now, they are getting a judgment $9, 200. The $1, 200 I already paid is not included. I could barely pay the 100, so what are they going to do now, garnish my wages. I'm so upset that a company can get a way with this. They have the judges in their pockets and they are allowed to ruin people's lives. I was victimized again by this company.

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    th!sman Jan 31, 2013

    JEEZUZ CHRIST! You should have gone to report ID theft to the cops. With that report show up in court. Case dismissed? Maybe or good chance.

    I think still go to the cops. Then talk to a court clerk. Or request a rehearing or an audience with the judge. I really don't know the exact procedure. Perhaps post your question at debtor

    Take a chance and write CA by CMRRR and request a validation of debt VOD & any other documents.

    Always send stuff like these checks by CMRRR or signature required that way you have proof of delivery.

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Forster and Garbus has put a lein on bank. Back in 2008 I received a letter from F&G that I owed them money $1200.00. I have a verbal agreement with them that I will pay them $50.00 a month. But in November 5, I was laid of from my job and took a 25, 000 pay cut.

I spoke to Ms. Hill and informed her of my situation and I can only pay $25.00 which agreed. Now my bank has a lein on my account $1500.00.

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    yankeegirl Sep 23, 2009

    I completely agree, I had a payment arrangement in place with them and paid a little more then said, then when I received a letter about sending in the payment they had the amount we agreed on so that's what I sent the payment in as. They cashed the check immediately, then 10 days later froze my account because I lowered my payment. When I contacted them, she said the amount went up in April, I told her that they just sent a letter and the amount on the letter is $250.00 a month. She said she will take care of it. 2 days later i still have no access to me bank account and she said the bank has 30 days to respond and they couldn't call the bank. I called the bank and got her a phone number to call. Then I got hit with a $100 charge for legal papers, when asked them about this they said there was nothing they could do ( I mean being it was their fault). She never returned my calls I kept calling relentlessly then she told me everything was taken care of . I go to use my bank card and the hold is still on. I call them the next morning and she said she needed to fax paperwork. being I have done her job all along you think she could have atleast faxed the paperwork. Forster & gGarbus are impossible to deal with and careless. The made the error and could care less.

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Forster And GarbusUnfair business practice

I saw on another website how other people have been UNFAIRLY treated by this collection accounts frozen without prior notification etc...

This happened to us, when I was bedridden in a hospital (following surgery).

I would like to join in on the class action lawsuit of this organization.

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    asomma Jan 09, 2010

    The company Foster and Garbus did the same thing to me. But it wasn’t even against me, it was against the person who co-signed on my account. Without noticed they froze my bank account. I tried called the company the day they froze my account and told them no money of the co-signers was even in the account. In fact the only reason they were co-signed on my account was because I joined the military and had to have a co-signer to leave for basic training, but they didn’t care. Today I got served with paper work to go to court. It states I only have 7 days to return the paper work or serious action will be taken against me but it was dated in ink 12-14-09, and today’s date is 01-09-09. This company has ruined my life. I’m struggling to just get by day to day. Not to mention the 100's of dollars in fees I got from them freezing my account.

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    Balsonchin Punchindic Jan 09, 2010

    A bank levy is a court order. Obviously, if you were notified in advance, you would withdrawl your money and close your account so there would be nothing available when the levy hits. As for the co-signer, he/she is just as liable for the debt as you are. No judge can change the terms of a contract.

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