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Datingsitebuilder.comThe Good. the Bad and The Ugly

The Good. the Bad and The Ugly!
It is true that most of what you read on these reviews are true about Dating Site Builder. Lets start with the good news... The platform on the hosted solution, when it is working works great! Easy to use, easy to modify, and with the proper work done to it and it's built in bloging, it can be very search engine friendly.
But now the bad and the ugly... As stated over and over, technical support sucks for this company, when you do leave them aproblem on their automated complaint board, the answers that you eventully get back are like they are coming from a 8 year old. I have had many technical problems with my site when first setting it up, and it takes a TON of patience to work with them back and forth to solve the issues, some times taking weeks to have them resolve - EXTREAMLY fustrating! The good news for me, is that they did solve them.
The second issue is down time... Your going to have a lot of it. I would imagine that because the hosted solution hosts dating sites of an adult nature, that traffic can be heavy on the servers and that they probably experiance denial of service attacks. When your site is down there is nothing you can do but wait and hope that this is not the time it is going to go down for ever.
Stay away from the shopping cart they offer, it is extreamly limited and poorly functioning. If you use this site, and need a shopping cart, I recomend getting an independent cart provider. I foumd one that has excelent 24 hour, real human customer service and for $10 a month (The same amount datingsite builder charges for their cart hosting). I intergrated that cart into my web site.
Lastly, I have seen no effort to upgrade their produt. Like any company you have to stay ahead of the curb as new ideas and technilogical advances happen, you hope that they would be intergrated into the product, I have seen no evidence of this, ever.
To sum it up... The hosted plan would be a great product and service if the company was run by some one who cares. It is a shame, If they could sell the platform to the right individule, or hire some one who gives a crap, they could make this product so good that, they would increase their income more then enough to cover the person or persons that they need to update scripts, run a proper customer service department, and keep the site's uptime at 99.9%.
Wish I would have seen this forum before building an entire social site on this platform... As I write this today, my site is down again... urgggg!!!
(Note: I have had fairly good response with their billing provider when I have needed to cancel or ask a billing question (2 check out), this payment gateway provider seems legit, but becareful with datingsite builder... Sadly, I recomend looking for an other solution. (I hope one day they sell it to some one who cares, that some one could make a mint! - Decent product - Lousy implamintation) -

  • Dr
    Draicous Mar 24, 2011

    Rude tech support that barely speaks English. Low quality tools that are unintuitive and full of bugs. Hidden startup fee that doesn't get refunded. I suspect that the positive testimonials and customer websites were created by the owners to trick people.

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  • Gi
    Gilbertee Sep 05, 2011

    $#*! this company the take only the money from your credit card no support nothing the play games somebody has to close that site now.

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  • Nw
    nwstm Mar 08, 2013

    Hello, I purchased the PHP software from these scammers, I can get the help that I needed, and I wrote them emails after emails with no response. I assumed that they are not in the USA. This is because I cannot get to talk to someone on the phone. Normally USA companies’ answer their phones, but not foreigners, this is of their poor language you cannot understand them it’s horrible.

    The other reason is that they do not have good customer service. It cannot be possible that American businesses’ treat people like this way. Maybe they have nice templates and good prices, but they have the worst customer service that I have ever seen in my live.

    We are very angry about this problem; we will make sure that others customers do not suffered BAD moments like us. We are very upset of the bad and nasty behavior toward us. Really we will write and post many reviews all over the internet about your bad link, because we replied to you with no answer from you with no solutions of our issues, also you are not an honest company, maybe you are located in China, Russia, or India. Although some foreign companies they have better support and services than American’s companies

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Datingsitebuilder.comThis company will withdraw money from your account with no permission

Dating Site Builders are a scam, I have been trying to Cancel my Account with them since October and after many Emails and voicemails left they still didn't cancel it but kept withdrawing money for 3 months after.

They never return your voicemails as I have left several messages, I emailed every Email Account of them and never responded, but when I finally said I am going to see a lawyer after ignoring my request to cancel my account I finally got a respond. But no refund because its pass 30 days non the less that I've been leaving voicemails and emails with no reply from them 3 months with no response from this dating site builders.

Many emails and voicemails to cancel they just kept withdrawing money from my bank Account so be very very carefull as they never pick up their phone and hide behind their Emails with a lack of customer care.

I finally talked to someone after 3 months trying to get a hold of someone I finally do and still won't get refunded even after the whole 30 days crap, they just withdrawn money out of my account on the 4th of December and not even refunding that.

This company will withdraw money from your account with no permission and will ignore your request to cancel your account ...BIG SCAM...STEALING MONEY...

Datingsitebuilder.comAwful site, keep your hard earned cash, and run for the hills

Awful site, keep your hard earned cash, and run for the hills. 2checkout will NOT help you with any refund's. Since I made a payment thru paypal, which linked in to the 2checkout shopping cart, I was able to recoupe $29.95, of the $39.95 I paid to use the service after 30 minutes. I got scammed out of $10.00 they call a setup fee, which you have to set up yourself. Service is filed with a lot of hidden fee's which will make it hard to start a dating service if your'e on a tight budget. You also have to pay an additional fee to have a shopping cart, or any other feature's you may want to use, for your site. You could end up spending $70.00 or more per month just to use this service. is clearly a SCAM on all directions

DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THIS SITE! I did not get the software that was advertised on their site. I called 2CO, their payment provider, for a refund and they will not give my refund and said to call Hello, how can you call the company if the 800# does not work. And watch out for the foreign fees that you will incur on your credit card. This means that they are not even in the USA as they say in their website. is clearly a SCAM on all directions. Check our reviews and decide for yourself.

Datingsitebuilder.comI feel so ripped off

I had purchased a script from the site Feb 27th. Nothing worked, not even the domain. I canceled within 24 hours. They were very quick to take my money from my visa, but seem to have a serious problem refunding my money. I canceled well within the 30 days so why can they not simply refund my money within the same 30 day time period. I had such high hopes when I had purchased from them. My hopes were dashed by a crappy script, etc and no matter how many emails I send them they do not acknowledge me. I feel so ripped off. — Their script is garbage, their customer service is garbage

Stay Away!!! Their script is garbage!!! Their customer service is garbage!!! They supply no phone number except for sales; go figure. If your looking for a refund forget it. Once...

Datingsitebuilder.comI can't begin to tell you how angry I am with this bunch of scam artists

I can't begin to tell you how angry I am with this bunch of scam artists. I have - had - a great dating website using SocialGo until they decided my site was "adult" and I had to find an alternative. Datingsitebuilder looked perfect. They even had a friendly Live Help operator who was able to answer all my queries and assure me that their technical support was "second to none". The software itself looks - and in fact is, great. Or it would be if it worked. The trouble is, most of the time it doesn't. So you have to submit a ticket requesting technical support. Which is non-existent. Sometimes, if you are lucky, you get a reply within a couple of weeks. But more often than not the reply will be an incomprehensible one-line response from somebody who clearly didn't understand your question, can't help you, and doesn't speak English anyway. You can wait MONTHS for them to deal with even the most basic issues. Oh, and the Live Support disappeared a few days after I'd signed up with them.

I rebuilt my entire website around the Datingsitebuilder software, and now my members are deserting it in droves, because of all the technical problems that never get fixed. In just a few months I've gone from earning $5k/mth in membership fees, to LOSING money every month.

The only thing they are efficient at is charging your credit card. Even if they sell you a piece of software that doesn't work, and you tell them you don't want it, and want to cancel the account, they will still continue to rebill you monthly for it. In fact they don't seem to have any billing department as such. Billing queries have to be posted on their support message board.

  • No
    Nooble Aug 15, 2011

    I wish i have read this before i did buy the simple crappy script that they sell... that you can find better crap then that given for free online... also when you buy the php script it doesn't come with a self install, it is only a crappy script that for you to have articles or either edit the contact page or anything like it... you will need to code. Duh! In now a days... there's way better then that little crap they sent me for 100 dls.. plus they are advertising something for 99 dls and charge you 100 dls. SCAM.Also once you try to get your refund, they will tell you... but you got everything that is over on the our page, what they forget to mention is that when you purchase a script the way their pages is written it gives the impression that you will also get the installer and all the auto edit... wrong you get a basic script only... no installer, no click and edit text, no edit front page pictures or anything like it... then when your money back, then they will let you know... Oh... sorry ... that was your mistake... because that one is the service that you pay with our server it is your fault and not ours that you buy the wrong one...hum?? well if it is a builder... normally in my way of thinking is a self install and easy to use where you don't need to code... but they say... no the builder is only for people that pay for their server plus have their monthly subscription ... so... what now? Am i going to stay with something that i don't need and cost not 99 but 100 (even on that was a mislead) and they say we cant refund... ??? Mislead people to believe that they are selling one thing and in fact sell you crap!! Scam Artists!!

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  • Go
    googlecompany Aug 15, 2011

    You should have read the description or asked them before you purchased. Also read the return policy. I am in software business for many years and almost all of them are not refundable especially those come with source codes. If everyone purchased and asked for a refund, these software companies will go out of business. If you don't have enough technical knowledge, why would you buy a software? For only $99 or $100, you can only pay for 2 hours of programmer time. There's nothing to blame if you didn't do enough home work.

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  • Ad
    Adilier Feb 06, 2012

    Goron, Brandon, David, and anyone else in their organization are not credible at all. I signed up with them in October 2017, and in late December 2017 asked for my account to be cancelled and asked for a refund, as they did nothing that they said they would do.

    I started with a basic site, then, in order to add more features, expanded to their top level site, then ordered from them 1000 “custom” profiles. After I placed the order, I noticed that the few profiles that they were uploading onto my site were not customized at all to my specifications. I had to send repeated emails to their “support” office (because they would not speak to me on the phone - each time they answered, I was told to submit a ticket) telling them that the profiles were wrong, and asked when they would be uploaded (because they told me it would take “up to 2 weeks”). After waiting over 4 weeks, I had only 191 profiles uploaded of the 1000 that I ordered. I then asked to cancel my account and asked for a refund. I received no refund at all (even though I have an email from the payment center that they use telling me that I am owed a refund!!), and also they still have not signed over to me the rights to my domain name that they registered for me.

    I paid them (and lost) $450, plus I lost my domain name which they will not give back. DO NOT USE Datingsitebuilder under any circumstances! They are not reputable and will steal your money.

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  • Da
    DAriled May 17, 2012

    I purchased the premium account 260 and additional fee through paypal and it s been a week the support dont help me to fix my issue.

    I asked them to cancel my subscription but they give me a ticket answer that I have to cancel my subscription through invoice page, and it s funny there s no cancel button to cancel the orders are they making fun of people are what?

    I claimed this to internet crime page and hope this Scammers find themself behind bars for using innocent people around the globe.

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  • Ok
    Okinave Aug 28, 2012

    I wish I came here first, I bought their rubbish dating script, and once I received the source code I was shocked how rubbish and amateur it was. The site is awful, I have got a a dating website at the moment which I use a totally free script which is much better than this rubbish. I asked for my money back and they told me no, as apparently it was my fault not theirs. The customer service is rubbish and they are very rude. So my advice about this scamming website.


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Datingsitebuilder.comThis site is ran by 1 person who steals other company web scripts

WARNING: This is not a company, this site is ran by 1 person who steals other company web scripts and hosts them illegally and or sells the copyrighted web script files to people as their own work. Today we here at contacted several people in regards to this, we have filed a complaint with the Att General in our area and we are also required to go to our local FBI building to file against this person for violating copyright laws. We have one of the many stolen web scripts they sell in our hands and it is ours, we own the copyright and they do not. They were even stupid enough to copy the text from our website and paste it directly onto their front page, this is the main thing that screwed them. So according to our local FBI this should all be over soon. They would of course be made to pay restitution so if you didn't get your money back from this company you should keep up to date with this thread or us at because we do intend to file criminal charges as well as seek restitution from this person as well as any littler helpers they may have. So in short, you are getting ready to have one hell of a run in with the court system. I see no reason at this point to tell anybody to stay away from this company, I think at this point it is more than clear that this is not a company but rather a common thief. We are just hoping they were stupid enough to copyright our already copyrighted script as that would tack more prison time on in a big way, I have to say it is a good feeling to finally catch this jerkoff.