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Budget Inna backpack and personal pillow left in my room # 110 on 9/20/17

Please respond to this request.

On 9/20/2017 I stayed at the Budget INN on 800 34th St N Rm 3 110 in
St. Petersburg, FL. 33713.
I accidentally left my personal and sentimental backpack survival bag I have had for 20yrs. and a personal pillow my wife made for me.
I am here from Louisiana to help with the hurricane Irma victims working property claims as an insurance adjuster.

I called and asked Christie, and Sophia to please ask the person who cleaned my room the next morning to return my backpack and pillow. They told me no one turned those items into the office. I explained whoever cleaned my room the next morning on 9/21/17 saw my pillow on the bed and my backpack by the door.

I have not been able to sleep well since this occurred and I work 7/days a week 12 hours a day to assist the Floridian victims affected by Hurricane Irma. There is no question in my mind or doubt that I left my personal items at the Budget Inn Rm 110.

The clerks said if I wanted to I could file a police report.

Please look into this for me, I even offered a $100.00 reward.

Thank you for understanding how important this is to me and please advise how I should proceed. I will be anticipating your prompt response.

Best regards,

Anthony Fresina

Budget Inndisrespectful is what management is when I went to check in on 5/25/17

My daughter booked the room and I used my credit card to book the room. On 5/25/17 me and my family went to go check in around 10:30am and11:00am the first time my daughter talked gentlemen behind the desk he said that there wasn't a king room ready yet. Then I went down to see if we could check in. We watched 5 different people check in with no problem. I told that we had reservations he said no rooms I then told him that we went threw hotel.com he said that he doesn't deal with them. At that time heats something to his wife she got loud and disrespectful. We have a 3month old child who was outside since 10:00am along with myself trying to check in this is the second time I went threw [censor] with that hotel we have been very incovienced and we had to book another hotel with the price is a lot more than I had expected. This has really gotten the upset. What are you going to do about the inconvenience u put my family threw.

Budget Inncheater hotel

Dear sir,
Before I go to Singapore, I heard that Singapore is a safety and honest country. Unfortunately at 7/11/2012, when I travel to Singapore and stay at geylang 16 street budget inn hotel, I meet a cheater at there.
While I check in that hotel, the front cashier tell me if I need a TV remote control, then must pay 10 dollar for deposit for it. I agree and paid 10 dollar to front cashier.
At the next day when I check out and bring a TV remote control to the front cashier, but the cheater tell me cannot return 10 dollar deposit for me because no record that I have paid.
Lastly, the front cashier call to the manager, but the manager also is a cheater。He don’t care anymore.
So I hope Singapore government take action with this hotel and don’t let this Black sheep decay Singapore as a honest country.

cheater hotel

  • Be
    Bertaud Aug 31, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The room (Rm #205) was old and filthy. The outlets on both sides of the bed didn't work, so I couldn't use my CPAP machine. Room smelled like mildew - causing an asthma attack. Shower didn't work. Faucet was loose and shower wouldn't even turn on. Manager (from India I think) was very rude.

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  • Co
    Collin Jul 27, 2009

    The pace was dirty. Killed two spiders in first 5 minutes. Bed linen had not been changed. There were pubic hairs in the sheets. The bath tub was nasty. Food crumbs on the carpet. $29.99 on the sign. Cost me $42.00. Big rip off. will never use a Budget Inn again.

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  • Br
    Brandy Pimentel Aug 14, 2009

    The Budget Inn in Kenedy Texas

    I am a woman traveling alone and I stopped in ans asked to see a room and the man working behind the counter who was the manager/owner lived on site. When I asked to see a room he started yeling at me telling me I did not need to see one of his rooms and that he was busy. I said Im sorry I would just like to look at the room before I purchase. He continued screaming at me I asked him his name and he told me he didnt have on.Then I asked him for a card he said I didnt need one. I picked up a pen to try and write down some information and he ripped the pen out of my hand.
    Me and my family and friends will never stay at a Budget Inn as long as they habe people like that running their establishments.

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  • Do
    dorota Jun 07, 2016
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    Verified customer

    I stayed here about three times total in one month...when it was time to check out a man entered my room and checked my sheets in front of me before i checked out, asked me if we had vomited in them... (i just put them together with my towels so they didin't have to touch them)what kind of service is that? They don't allow visitors to come over to your room... They watch you like dogs.. I felt violated in my last stay... MARK MY WORDS>>>>>I AM NEVER COMING BACK THERE AGAIN>>>

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Budget Innthis is the most disgusting experience ive ever had

So my husband an I came into town late saturday night checked in at first reasonable rated room in fayetteville nc. The first room they sent us to had food everywhere and messed up beds, we turned an walked back to the office. They moved our room and once we turned on the lights we notice our new “cat fur” flooring the motel offered. As it was so late i waited till morning to go speak to someone about at least offering a vacuum. The vacuum doesnt work so i got a broom from the housekeeper-the only one housekeeper they have I have swept everyday gathering bags full of hair each time. Right outside our door there is a sign hanging that says absolutely no pets allowed in the rooms, clearly they do not enforce these policies. Nor do they supply their employer with proper equipment to clean the rooms. I am surely going to check more out before paying anyone my money I mean this is the most disgusting experience Ive ever had.

Budget Innchristmas rip off

Don't stay at Budget Inn at 2731 N. Federal Hwy in Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33306. I called and asked if they had single rooms available and was told they did, so I drove over. They had on their sign that single rooms are $59.99 and still have it on their sign today. I asked why I was being charged $69.99 and was told they hadn't changed the sign yet. My receipt had 2 guests on it when I was the only one there, and I was given a room with a king size bed that I didn't need or want. I've contacted Budget Inn since and have gotten nowhere. I don't like being lied to or ripped off especially on Christmas.

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Budget Innunsatisfactory conditions

I and other employees of the company that I work for have been staying in the Budget Inn in Coushatta La. The managers are husband and wife and I've been told are also owners of the hotel. The husband in somewhat quiet and polite when he speaks to me, but the wife in very obnoxious most of the time, she is very hard to understand but is constantly complaining about one thing or another. When asked why she dosen't vacuum the carpet she replies" you shouldn't get it dirty" but it's kind of hard not to get it dirty when you have to walk through a muddy parking lot to get to your room, she says to leave shoes outside, thats out of the question since there are several stray dog that frequent the area and like to leave their scent on things like shoes and boots not to mention the wet and cold weather that we have been having. The towels and wash clothes are disgusting to say the least, (when they decide to leave some) yhe only thing that I use their towels for are to dry the floor after a shower or when the toilet runs over. We also receive packages there that are delivered with our name and room number on the package so that it in easily identified, I have called the front desk numerous times asking if I have had any packages delivered there and several times was told that I did not have any packages then come to find out that they had been delivered and sitting in front of the registration desk for several days, other times I was told to come and look and when I got there was not allowed to enter and look but was asked for my room number and was told she would call me at my room and let me know, I never recieved a call about any deliveries. The telephone is very hard to hear when in a conversation, and the volume is turned all the way up, it also rattles like something is loose in it but they refuse to replace it. I was also told that I was getting the wall dirty and that was on feb. 11, 2010 and to this day feb.16, 2010 I still cannot figure out what she is talking about. Sometimes when taking a shower, the water goes off, completely off, both hot and cold. The parking lot is a catastrophy, pot holes, uneven surface and is too small with concrete stops that have iron rods sticking up a couple of inches causing dangerous conditions that not only cause damage to vehicles but also are a trip hazard. The buttons on the aircond/heat are not marked and the unit is very old. If you need to get to an electric outlet you mest first move the bed. There are no alarm clocks and if you ask for a wake call you may or may not get it(I think it depends on what mood the woman is in) The only good thing I have to say is the place is freshly painted. Lighting is poor in the room. The table and chairs are loose and uncomfortable. The shower drains slow and is gross. I wouldn't stay there if there were another place to stay but they are the only game in town.