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Behrouz Shafie family law attorney

I wish, I was capable to give him negative 10 star. Shafie is mastermind, crook, con artist, professional gambler, a real playboy, tennis player, who drags a 6 months case to minimum 7 years case and never and ever settles (all the mediators & his client said that) any cases in order to increase the fights & vendettas between parties so he drags and prolongs the case as much as he can to make more money since he knows if a case is settled then he does not make money ! He always makes sure the parties don't even have even another leftover penny prior to finalizing their divorce case and are at the maximum level of their hate rate. He always makes sure the parties loose everything (just like me) they had including their house, business, their entire assets & treasures (just like me), humanities, etc and become homeless and there is no way to get back to each other for the rest of their life! He always changes the truth to lies and nonce's and shows the wrong side of facts and truth! His strategy is to change your scenario and story with his scenario and stories and falsely by fraud shows you a bad person in front of judge when he is the one who is bad and playing the role. He pretends, he is very honest, caring, successful in his job and knows what he is doing to get you the most benefit in order to get your approval and consent and as soon as he reached that then he never lets you to back up or settled. (you are in big trouble since he is an attorney and practicing family law since 1983 and you are not that's why you just listen)! He uses numerous illegal software such (webwatcherdata) in your personal PC and pulls up your entire confidential files and uses in front of judge (as he just did it to me). His license has already been twice suspended and his name is in computer crime unit (secret service & LAPD) for this action. For more information please email me at ([protected]@gmail.c…) or call [protected].

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Unethical should be disbarred from practicing law Suspended from the practice of law for specified period of one year /7/1/2008 not eligible to practice law Behrouz shafie carries no malpractice insurance Do not use this attorney for anything Actions affecting eligibility to practice law Effective...

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