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Dear Sir/Madam,
Recently I purchase several goods from the web shop, overall price is
280 USD.
Unfortunately, this web site did not answer for exact time of the goods delivery for 2 weeks,
than I asked to issue my money back procedure.
After some time I check customers feedback about this web sours and found lots of negative reply, customers
which purchase product blame owner of this service as cheater.

Than I issue complain to Pay Pal system and ask to support with money back, but I think it will take time
and I'm not sure about positive reply.
My order status during that moment was "Processing" but immediately after I issue complain to Pay-Pal system, I receive mail
(probably some script is working automatically) that status of the order changer to "Complete".

I did not receive anything and no tracking number was given to me.
Please advise me with this case, I'm sure there are a lot of cases like mine..

In the enclosed file I'm sending photo with print screen of the evidences from my mail box and
web site.
If you need additional explanations of information - please let me know by mail or by phone.
My English ability to speak is not high, but I'm sure that can explain and understand enough..

Thank you in advance and hope for your support.

Sincerely yours,
Maksym Krynko


Armed Forces Tactical, LLC — Fraud and Scam Company

Armed Forces Tactical, LLC is a front scam for two dumbmenicans named JAYSON SANCHEZ and ANTHONY ESTEVEZ...