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Red bull energy drinks

Red bull energy drinks review: Fraud!!!!!!!!!!!

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Dear Sirs/Madam,

It is an honor to finally gain access to your website because we are here to report a terrible case about a company in Germany named GOURMET FRUITS GMBH that just cheated us out of 80, 000 Euros for the sale of Red bull energy drinks. We are a Taiwanese company named (Yui Jay Trading Corp) seeking to trade with foreign companies and we came across this Germany company with credentials below as follows;

Weststrasse 6
Hamm Deutschland
HRB 8217
Tel: +49 [protected]
Email: [protected]
Email: [protected]
Umsatzsteuer ID :DE295653670

We have tried all we could to follow up with this issue and finally got access to private information of the criminal who is an African (Cameroonian) currently living in the city of Berlin. We were lucky enough to hire a private detective who actually came up with this culprit's personal phone number which is as follows; (+[protected]). His real names are Puwopa Cletus and he is a native from the North West Region of Cameroon in Africa according to all information that was sent to us by our private detective. He is married to a South African Woman who is currently housing him in Berlin, Germany and they got a daughter. We will provide their address to you soon because we are still to hear from our private detective.

We are asking you to first of all take their website down to avoid that they steal from or hurt other genuine firms like us. We lost over 82, 000 Euros for the purchase of several 40 feet containers of Red bull 250 ml cans from this fraudulent Company named Gourmet Fruits Gmbh.

Feel free to contact us below for any additional information;

Contact : Salmon Chou

COMPANY : Yui Jay Trading Corp
ADDRESS : Taipie, Taiwan
PHONE : +[protected]
Email: anjay.[protected]