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Dear Sir, I have been coming to my Apartment on the Costa Del Sol for nearly 30 years and have always found that organisations and the people to be very friendly and helpful.
I have just returned, on the 18th October, from a three week holiday during which time I rented a car from Record Go at Malaga Airport. On checking my emails and bank account I have been charged €246 for a parcel shelf that was not in the car when we collected it. We have been renting from them for about 10 years and have never had a problem with them. After three frustrating phone calls informing them there was no parcel shelf my credit card has had an unauthorised payment taken from it.
On checking deeper I found a website,, that listed 602 reviews about Record Go. The majority of them recommend you avoid them at all cost because of their lying and cheating behaviour towards customers. So far I have found three other customers who were also charged €246 for missing parcel shelves. On checking these shelves cost £58 direct from Ford Motor Company!
Does the Spanish hire car companies have any organisation that regulates them? It seems we are going back to the bad old days where they will scam you for as much money as they can.
I would be interested in any comments you might like to make as I think they are scamming a vast amount of money from unsuspecting customers.
Barry Noble

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