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CB Bad Business Partners Review of Reach Genetics
Reach Genetics

Reach Genetics review: reach genetics: jeff hranicka. cindy boerum. scammers and thieves. 1

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8:31 pm EDT
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Reach Genetics, Inc. is formerly Doyen Elements Inc. The company itself is nothing but a fraud.

In 2018, Jeff Hranicka and Cindy Boerum stole the Doyen Elements brand. They launched Doyen Elements Inc., illegally leveraging the growing brand to their own benefit.

Boy, did it backfire. They embarrassingly had to change their (fraudulent) name to Reach Genetics. What is more embarrassing was that they had the audacity to take investor funds.

According to Green Market Report, "One shareholder that asked not to be named said he did receive an email about the name change to Reach Genetics, but that the phone number and emails he sent went unanswered. Reach Genetics is currently selling new shares for once again $7 a share. Reach Genetics has not responded to requests for comment."

Do not invest in Reach and be weary of crossing paths with Jeff or Cindy.

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Jun 28, 2019 12:18 pm EDT

The Truth
June 24, 2019 at 9:40 pm
I have known Geoff from Accelera, Synergistcs, Accelera, AdvantaMeds, Doyen and so many other companies. And here is the real deal, every single dollar he raises from investors goes into his pocket, and this has been the story for so many years. This guy has forged so many financial documents, he enters into these outrageous acquisition agreements that never close because he does not have the funds (this happened with Accelera, with AdvantaMeds, with Doyen, with Synergistic and so many other companies).

His life scam partner Cynthia Boerum (Cindy Boerum) is his partner in crime. News flash, she has been so dead broke for about seven years, she has been living with her kids and her Mommy. She plays her role so well, she gets people to invest in Geoff, but then she gets crumbs from him because in any Ponzi Scheme, he has to put out money to people to satisfy them and avoid lawsuits and negative press.

Well, when word got out and they burned to many people, this happens, and guess what, come July 2019, they will be back under a new name looking for new suckers.

Funny thing is, Cindy is the most cold blooded of them, I bet she ultimately got all the money out of you all, Geoff just sets them up.

Geoff and Cindy’s ONLY INCOME is your investment dollars, without your money, they have NO INCOME!

Do not think you will ever see any of your money from them, in their over twenty years of scams, every single investor lost money, not a one made a single penny.

I could go on for hours…….. the things I know would make you vomit in your mouth. Thankfully the SEC and Federal Law Enforcement has spoken to me, and they were floored with what I gave them, so I would not worry much about their futures in scamming.