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Ramjas School Pusa Road review: Warning to new principal of ramjas pusa

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Principal of Ramjas School Ms. Surabhi Dua

You have become Principal of the school in 2018 and recently celebrated 50th anniversary of Ramjas School. Congratulations. But keep a few things in mind while you are Principal-

1. Be AUTHOROTATIVE but never AUTHORITARIAN - Being Principal, you have to be strict on things like misbehaviour and harmful things. But NEVER bully, harass or misuse your position to a student who has low financial resources or weak in studies.

2.You have reduced the number of seats from about 40 to around 30 each which is very wrong. Since 5-6 years old, parents are sold the dream of studying in Ramjas Pusa for their children. That is why your Primary schools are able to charge 4-5000 per month in fees, because they want to study in Ramjas.

3. Arbitrary removals- As soon as the child turns 14, you think you can kick him out of the school without any problem. This is very callous and evil.

4. Do not be a marrionette of Management. It is good to have a Principal who can stand up for the school and its students and not lobby for interests of some grumpy old capitalist from Chawri Bazar or arms dealers.

5. Get rid of errant teachers who regularly beat up or demean children and do not have sense of talking. I know it is very difficult to remove them once they are permanent. Mohini Bindra was an expert in these matters and could harrass anyone.

Desired outcome: The school comes under Director of Education Zone 28

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