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Of the 27 QUICKSTYLE Laminate floor ''Reflexion'' 8mm boxes I bought at Home Depot 'Beaubien' (Montreal North) on November 1st, 2010, 11 had defaults.
Planks had large white spots (at least 3 per plank) except for the plank on top. You can easily tell that the boxes receive an excess of moisture.
I returned the 11 boxes to the store and got my money back. The associate didn't really look surprised. I checked the other boxes in the store and I couldn't find a correct one. Since I was still missing 11 boxes to finish my floor, I checked 3 other Home Depot and they all had the same crap.
It's unbelievable that a company can sell such bad product. The planks are messed up and you can only detect it by opening each box since the first plank on the top is perfect.
Thank god Home Depot gave me a refund however I'm still looking some clean boxes to finish my floor. Now I don't have the choice but to open each box in the store and select the good planks in order to reconstituate a full box of 12 planks (!). I need 132 planks to finish the installation; what a joke...