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Puzey Motorcycle Corporation

Puzey Motorcycle Corporation review: Promise of delivering papers for scooter, never happened

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I bought a Puzey G-Wizz from Puzey's dealer. Puzey never got the registration papers to me. I have been waiting for a month now and the scooter can not be put on the road. I have now given the bike back to the dealer and will go collect another brand of scooter. I have spoken to Jackie and to Mike Puzey himself and still there was no reponse regarding this matter. I feel that if a person buys something like a scooter the papers should be available to them the following day so the bike can be registered and put on the road. Their service is really that of a no care attitude! I would recommend that peopke do not buy Puzey as the service is really bad!

The papers for my scooter was sent to Nelspruit in South Africa and it has taken a month and I am still waiting for them. It doesn't take 1 month to retrieve the papers it can be done as a overnight, I know I work in the courier business!

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