Puget HomesVery poor warranty repair process.


Puget Homes Corporation built our home with horrible quality and has a very poor warranty repair process. Even after we filed a formal repair request that was under warranty, Puget Homes tried to weasel out of doing meaningful repairs.

I noticed that when the repair required is cheap (like touch paint or minor wall repair) Puget Homes may eventually agree to do the repair. But if the warranty repair cost Puget Homes more than a few hundred dollars (such as faulty foundation, framing problems, major soil settlement, major drainage leakage, etc.) Puget Homes blames the homeowner or denies warranty coverage and refuses to honor their warranty.

When it comes to honesty, integrity, and ethics Puget Homes ranks at the bottom of my list. Neighbors and I purchased from Puget Homes and are very disappointed by Puget Homes lack of quality and refusal to honor their warranty. Buying a home from Puget Homes was a bad decision.

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