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CB Business and Industrial Review of Psychichealer

Psychichealer review: Stay away from them

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12:40 pm EDT
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I would like to share my experience with a man claiming to be Psychic Spiritual healer who ripped me off. His name is Dr. P Balakisten (Mano) who can be contacted via his website He targets people with family problems such as difficult relationships and women who find it difficult to fall pregnant, claiming that he can rectify these problems.

After sending your photo to him, he asks you to call him. Using the photo he is able to identify evil which have caused your distress. He then asks for a fee to remove this evil, and clear your path.

This Psychic healer did not do anything after he received the money from me. I think he rips off innocent people who are going through problems and are not in their right state of mind.

I know I am stupid enough to believe him in the first place, but I would like to stop other innocent people from falling into his trap.

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