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Used to work for them (manager and sales person). They Lie to you on the interview and tell you that your selling wine to customers, leads and some new prospects. Let me tell you; it's 100% all new prospects (your family and friends). They are supposed to pay min wage for the time you are required in office (10am to 8pm; mon and tues) only they don't. They also try to get you drunk at wine tastings to write down your credit card. They also sell table wine for $20 plus. They bring in open bottles to peoples home to sample it for you to order $250 worth!. If you do decide to buy, they will harass you every 2 weeks to reorder more cases of wine via telephone or email. They are a telemarketing wine company. An actual employee only works there under 14 weeks long enough to not get a 7% bonus. They claim they pay you a $250/week "lead generation" you only get it for 2 weeks and later this year the company is deciding to go straight commission.

Actual job description:
Bring in all new customers and telemarket them every week to re buy hundreds of $ of wine, if not you are fired.
Sell $2000 of wine to people (not companies), without stores. Via telemarketing, or in home wine tastings.
Only get paid %15 commission.

The average employee makes about $12, 000 in a year if ur lucky..otherwise you'll maybe about $100-350 a week before taxes...DO NOT WORK HERE!

IF you do; call your local department of labor because you are not getting paid your min wage when you are required

Update by prpwineseller
Apr 28, 2011 5:34 pm EDT

They break so many laws. I wonder how this has gone under the radar...this an employment lawyer and liquor commissioners dream


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Nov 19, 2012 6:56 am EST

Who handles payroll? I have been there almost a month and have not received payment. In fact, three days will be a month. If I don't get it resolved I will contact the department of labor.

Jun 29, 2011 7:52 pm EDT

I was all excited about the job opportunity. Even quit my other job for them. It started out good. Then the first week hits. I was given no money for gas as we drove my car everywhere! I made no money. Went to horrible neighborhoods. They promise you a management position but you have to SELL SELL SELL this crap that no one wants. They also lack to tell you that you have to do overnights and go out of town to sell this crap. I maybe made 80 bucks the two weeks I was there. They are rude and don't care about their employees. I too worked for Firebird and Rob and Ricki and it was awful. I should have researched it more. Its a scam people.

May 11, 2011 4:44 pm EDT
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Yeah Jeez...Open booze..Min wage law...using alcohol to induce buying...also giving away alcohol free on orders...i thought you can't give away alcohol in Illinois for people buying things?