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Protecta Insurance review: They are frauds 2

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Do not take out insurance with this company they are frauds they are only interested in your money but not interested in paying out on any claim they will take your money and run. They do not care if you are at risk of losing everything they are only interested in taking your money.


David Parker is already taken
, US
Sep 27, 2021 6:21 pm EDT

And Protecta Insurance will send a text message to ask for your email address re policy documents when you ARE NOT EVEN THEIR CUSTOMER.
Total scammers, should be delisted and kicked out of the country.

Donald Thomson
, NZ
May 20, 2013 6:03 pm EDT
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I can totally agree with this. Protecta are scam artist's and a complete ripoff. Do not deal with this company.

They will not pay as they believe by taking words from various sentences within their exclusion policy they can exclude anything and everything.

In my case "the loss has arisen as a result of deterioration (perishing due to age and mileage) to the Engine Valley Coolant Pipe Seal" that failed suddenly in the engine of my car.

So even though in the summary of cover that I was sold that covered All Major mechanical, electrical and electronic components" including ... "in fact, all parts bolted within the engine including the engine Block and Cylinder Head Assembly!" and in specific "Cooling System Seals and Gaskets".

And The Major features of this policy include " Clear concise and fully comprehensive Insurance contract books (Which I Never Got), No Hidden Surprises (Which I Did Get) No wear and Tear clause (if perishing due to age and mileage is not wear and tear I will eat my hat) "The repairer is paid directly by us" (They paid nothing).

My part failed suddenly and cost $6500 to repair (A Major mechanical failure in anyone's words) was bolted within the engine and was part of the coolant system and was a seal.

Sorry its not covered.

Because they won't pay "any costs arising from rectifying any failure of or defect or fault in the design or specification of any component" They say it failed then it must of been faulty and we don't cover faulty parts !

and by the way neither do we cover any part that costs arise from deterioration rust or contamination.

So then explain to me how they ever have to pay for a seal that is on there list of covered parts that was brand new and installed by the original manufacturer that fails if its not either faulty or deteriorated is some form. If it wasn't faulty or hadn't deteriorated it can't fail and that my friends is all they cover, parts that never fail.

Don't use FSCL, they can't even decide if it policy covers wear and tear which Protecta will tell you publicly that they do and FSCL say no you can't read contracts like we can. Anything they say they cover doesn't mean that at all. The contract covers nothing and if you purchased it its not our fault.

After 6 months I got the same answer I did that day I said I had a leak. It won't be covered as it going to be expensive and we don't cover faulty components.

Go straight to Disputes Tribunal and pay your $120 odd dollars and speak to a human who when you are told in writing that these things are covered, that you have a chance that they actually are.