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My mother was a victim of the sales scam performed by crafty sales people of Prestige Sales. Both sa;es people (male and female) were dressed neatly and told her they were neighbors of hers and pointed to a house across the street from us. As I have found out, they gave her the "Jason's Trip" story and she not only paid for magazines for herself, but apparently for someone overseas. I'll never know for sure as they never left a receipt; stated that their mother would bring it over later. The house they pointed to across the street is the house of someone who is related to us by marriage (cousin) so she took the scammers at their word. Our neighbors children are in college and my mother hasn't seen them recently. The only information I have is that the checks were deposited to Bank of America, acct. #[protected] so if you want to try to get your money back, this might help. I'm going to file a police report and also do what I can to try to get her money back. Shame on them for taking advantage of a kind senior lady!

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Mountain View , US
Feb 23, 2009 2:24 pm EST

My mother, sister and I were all hit by these people on the same day in a small town in California. Did you ever get anything resolved with them? My sister lost $110.00, Mom - $55, me - $40. I am both embarassed and angry for being taken in by these "college students".

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