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2:38 pm EDT
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I have a number of health issues, some are serious. Prescott va is notorious for poor service and the lack of followup. Even though I have service connected problems I will be forced to get outside treatment. This va facility has a poor reputation and could care less about its patients. The employees seem to care but I feel it has a management problem that is not getting better. I have complained to john mccain but I guess he is too busy to negotiate through my problems. I am going to correspond with the new director donna jacobs so she can start kicking some but.

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Aug 09, 2021 9:52 pm EDT

This is in regards to lies a nd corruption at the prescott va I had dr david brill calling my fiance a prostitute I have that in writing went to the chief of staff dr sylvam and he said he did not want to get involved!
Went as far as the directors office and the lies continued have dr brill following me around the hospital when I have an appointment had an eye appointment an who showed up dr brill when back to the executive office they lied and said he was filling in for an eye doctor on vacation went back to the eye clinic and was told he is not filling in for no one!
Tried to contact patient rep and the executive office called and in a boisterous attitude brushed me off!
Also about the va police was there for an eye appointment and my fiance was driving out and was stopped by officer teel was the rudest officer I have ever dealed with he lied to the federal court in flagstaff said my fiance was served which was a lie and witheled information from the court in tell the attorney asked for it asked to talk to the chief of police a nd the refused to put me through the corruption at prescott va is out of hand!
I have been coming to the prescott va since the 70s
And it has gone down hill!
Guess this complaint will fall on deaf ears
Have heard they are waiting for us to die!
Want to know who was going to donate
My fathers origins he wasn't a diner
I still say they put my father down

Jan 29, 2020 12:42 am EST

V.a. hospital - prescott, az. is constantly harassing me and has yet to do me any good today I received a call that they are planing to give me a payee the only bills I do not pay is when doctors double bill my medacare why do I have to pay into medacare. out of my intiltlements. and why dose it damage my credit? im 100% service conected disable u.s. vet should be covered under the good old boys act of lincon. they have been harassing me for 10 yrs now and last time they gave me a payee they did not have a just resone and they do not now

Jan 04, 2018 1:51 pm EST
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This culture of doing you a favor will never change because management, at the least allows it. Far too many asocial and angry employees. Have to fight to get anything. There are some caring people tank whoever.. Think post office and you'll get the culture. VA, at $200 BILLION per year, is a jobs program.

Feb 19, 2015 11:24 pm EST

I am currently on a fix income due to injury that occurred during my time in services. I have 2 kids going to college as a Freshman for Engineering I put in for a dependency claim in July 2014. I gave the VA what I feel like is adequate time frame to place them for dependency (NOTE: I should also say because how the system is currently set up one of my sons turn 18yrs old on 06/06/2014 he was dropped the following month and started college in Aug and my second son started in Aug and made 18 09/30/2014 but was also drop) The only reason I bring this up is because this could have all been prevented if there was a grace period before they would drop the dependent off the Veteran Claim. Any way as previously stated I filed for dependency in July by E-Benefits which is SUPPOSED to be a FASTER processing system. In Dec.5, 2014 I called the VA to find out the status of my dependency claim. Because it was just waiting there to be process I was directed to the PILOT program which is Supposed be EVEN FASTER. I was walked threw the process by a VA representative and told that I would here something back within 30 days and the retroactive pay will post in my account within 48hrs. It is now 2/20/2015 and I was told at 1845hrs. That my claim went back to the developmental stage for something and the supervisor couldn't tell me what for. Everyone PLEASE remember that this paper work was fill out my a VA representative an a VA Regional Supervisor 4 times SO if it isn't correct by someone who works in these areas HOW IN THE HECK! Can the normal Veteran fill out the paper work correctly I am not just venting and I am a very patient Vet but I need to see some progress PLEASE CAN ANYONE TELL ME WHAT I NEED TO DO FROM HERE my email ADDRESS is JAY-ROC407@HOTMAIL.COM PLEASE HELP ME I am not a rich man and I am 90% Disable I sacrifice my health so my kids would have it easier but I am running into a brick wall

Apr 24, 2012 12:53 pm EDT

We had a bad experience at the NEW VA facility in Cottonwood AZ - The new facility is beautiful, well furnished, but, the staff could care LESS whether you receive assistance. My husband and I both are Vets and are trying to get into the system. The admin personnel was on a "late lunch" until 3:00pm. Upon his return, we waited 45 mins. (first ones in, and the last ones waiting for assistance). When we inquired about waiting, the receptionist told us to come back next week, "Robert" was busy and would need to enter our info into the system before he could help us! ...Do I need to say anything facility and personnel who could care less...what a show!