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L May 28, 2019 Review updated:

Vince Chenzo (aka Vincent LaRocca or Vince LaRocca) is currently being sued by Lisa Madigan for consumer fraud.


Look up Katlia construction. That was the company that he used to own that has gone out of business and is currently part of the same law suit. Before Katlia, Vince had to pay $10k in fines with his other company A1 construction Chicagoland inc for similar issues. This is his M.O. Please consider these factors when looking to hire any company Vince is associated with.

Vince has filed for bankruptcy as a way of getting out of paying his victims any ruling from court.

It's all public record and available for you to see.

Vince and his new company premier home improvements continue to delete my reviews on Yelp and say I am a scam and not a real reviewer, or they don't know who Vince LaRocca is (it is no coincidence that the owner of the new company shares his last name...think about it).

Update: This is not a scam. I am a real person who was a customer of Vince LaRocca's (Chenzo) and Katlia construction. Not a scam. I am a real person who was taken advantage of by Vince. My bathroom remodel project, which should have taken 10 days to complete was incomplete after nearly 5 months before I decided I could no longer work with Vince and his company. He makes excuses and avoids communication. He will take your money.

New update: Now they're saying they don't know who Vinnie is. Too bad for them I've done my research so you don't have to. Please google "Vinnie Chenzo Park Ridge" and "Vince LaRocca Park Ridge" then look at the article I've posted. There are pictures. It's the same person. I did originally post a picture of what Vince/Vinnie looks like, but Yelp took it down since it wasn't my picture. Also, please note, after I initially posted this review they accused me of being a scam and tried to get me kicked off Yelp.

Please take all of this info into account before hiring this company. There are contractors in Chicago who aren't being accused of consumer fraud and will be honest and trust worthy, try to find one of them. Any company Vince/Vinnie is associated with, is NOT any of those things.

I will continue to post my review on Vince Chenzo or Vincent LaRocca or Dominic J La Rocca or any alias he chooses to use, every single day if it means I can stop him from preying on innocent people again.

Angie's List - Read about Vince LaRocca

A1 Construction of Chicagoland landed in the Penalty Box four times — the most of any company on Angie's List in 2008. A1 had a good track record until May, when it began to receive a string of negative member reports accusing them of shoddy work or failing to start or complete jobs.

Typical customers are Allen Green and Mary Launder, who say they paid a $32, 500 deposit for a room addition — and never heard from A1 again. "We just couldn't believe they'd take off with our money, " Launder says.

In October, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan sued company secretary Vincent J. LaRocca and A1 president Joseph J. Schmitz for allegedly taking more than $245, 000 in homeowners' downpayments. Madigan is seeking to prohibit A1 from operating in the home repair trade, restitution and civil penalties. Schmitz and LaRocca, who has filed bankruptcy, couldn't be reached for comment.

YELP go read all the reviews
Wish I could give negative 5 stars.
On 12/31/15 we closed on a new house. 1/9/16 a Katlia sales rep, David, came to our house to quote 8 new windows. We discussed choosing a different design for the arch but he didn't have his design book with him. Since Katlia always sends another guy after the initial sales visit to take final measurements prior to ordering the windows, he said that guy will have a design book and then we could choose a pattern. Based on trust that we would be able to choose a different pattern, we agreed to move forward and paid a $4, 000 deposit.

1/15/16 the project Mgr, Ben, conducted his site visit to take final measurements. Surprising, he didn't have a design book with him so I was unable to choose the arch pattern. He also informed me that the portico needed to be fixed before the windows above the portico could be properly measured and installed. He informed me that he needed to go back to the office to discuss the portico situation with people more knowledgeable in roofing and get back to me. At that point, Katlia could not move forward with window replacement. This is 6 days after their 3 day cancellation policy.

1/25/16 Vince and Ben came to the house to quote the portico repair. We were advised by our attorney to obtain 2 additional quotes. 1/26/16 I spoke with Katlia and informed them that we could not move forward because we needed to obtain additional quotes and we may be in a legal battle with the owner who sold us the property. We were not sure how long it would take to resolve the portico issue.

2/2/16 I called David to explain our situation and told him that we needed our deposit back. He said that since the windows hadn't been ordered yet, it should not be an issue but that he didn't make those decisions and I had to talk to Vince, the owner.

2/3/16 I called Vince twice, he didn't return my calls. When my husband called him later that night and stated on Vince's voicemail that we wanted our deposit back, he called back within minutes. Incredulously Vince claimed that our deposit could not be returned because the windows were ordered on 1/16/16. Really? So the windows were ordered despite the fact that we had yet to choose an arch pattern, despite the fact that proper window measurements above the portico were taken and despite the fact that the project mgr Ben stated that the windows could not be replaced until the portico was repaired.

When my husband demanded copies of paperwork documenting that the windows were ordered, they could not produce it. My husband asked Vince if it was true that the windows were ordered, what would happen when the windows above the portico didn't fit and Vince had the audacity to say that they would just put the windows in our garage. What??? When my husband expressed that we are losing trust in the people at Katlia, Vince had the nerve to state that my husband was the one who couldn't be trusted. Are you kidding???

If this is how they treat their customers before work even begins I would hate to find out how they treat their customers after work is completed should problems arise.

Nice job Katlia - your customer service skills are stellar!

Google -Katlia Construction look up the reviews. This is what you will see.
Steve Reddington
5 reviews · 14 photos
a year ago-
I lost $27k on a kitchen remodel. They took my money and never completed the work. THIS COMPANY IS NOW OUT OF BUSINESS. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH VINCE LAROCCA.

When you look up Premier Home Improvements address its listed as 310 Busse Hwy Park Ridge, IL 60068 which is the same address as The UPS Store 310 Busse Highway, Park Ridge, IL 60068

The phone number for Premier Home Improvements and Vince LaRocca - (312) 366-0967

Alternate Business Name
A1 Construction of Chicagoland
Katlia Construction
Premier Home Improvements LLC

Business Management
Mr. Dominic J La Rocca, Owner
Contact Information
Mr. Dominic J La Rocca, Owner
Customer Contact
Mr. Dominic J La Rocca, Owner

Premier Home Improvements
Premier Home Improvements

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      Oct 27, 2019

    Yep, this is ALL TRUE. Vince is a scam artist and I can't understand why he has not been banned from the State of Illinois to be a contractor, or IN JAIL for fraud. He cost me $27, 000.00. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH ANY COMPANY ASSOCIATED WITH VINCE LAROCCA.
    Steve Reddington

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      Jan 02, 2020

    Here is another picture of Vincent J. LaRocca

    BEWARE - If you do your research you will see Vince LaRocca, Chenzo LaRocca, Vincent LaRocca, Vince Ventura and Dominic Larocca are all the aliases that he uses to take your money. Vince has been banned from owning a construction business or working for a family member in the construction business in the state of Illinois. He has been doing so even though he has been banned from doing it. He must be stopped before others get hurt. Call Attorney General Kwame Raoul’s Consumer Protection Division if you suspect this man has tried to sell you anything from this company and put a stop to this! His previous companies were A1 Construction of Chicagoland and Katlia Construction. Do your research on the internet.

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