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Preferred Credit Inc

Preferred Credit Inc review: Finance fees/unfair charges

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Worst credit company ever. (I got the stupid vaccuum) They charged me NSF fees all through covid in 2020 while I was laid off, on top of the bank NSF fees, wouldn't stop charging my account - offered to skip 2 payments, that's it - meanwhile my 40 thousand dollar truck loan didn't take payments for an entire year due to covid. I have paid off the vacuum in full, but still owe like 800 dollars in "fees" because of "missed payments" while I was literally not working.. They will not negotiate, I've called several times to ask them to at least cut it in half or something, anything to work with me.. I was met with unnecessary attitude and absolutely no budging, and being told I "could've asked them to stop taking payments" - which WAS NOT offered to me when I'd called to literally ask them to stop charging me because I wasn't working. I have been nothing but honest and polite with them and they have been so unforgiving. I am in good standing with every single other loan I had at that time, I've paid everything off besides my truck, every company offered a ton of grace while I was laid off besides them.

They do "in house collections" though, so, the plus to that is that it doesn't look as bad on your credit report, it doesn't turn into a derogatory mark.. but it will still slow down credit ratings from going up from "missing payments", as I have refused to pay another penny. My credit score is still going up because of my truck, but it could definitely be going a bit faster.

This company is ridiculous, do not finance anything through them!

Desired outcome: Fee waiving

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