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In 2007, I bought Dave Espino's 'auctionsforincome' package for 39.00 from an infomercial. Several times after I received it, a person saying they were from 'auctionsforincome' tried to contact me by telephone. Finally, a man called and insisted that in order to get more information on the coaching, we needed to set up a time to speak with both my wife and myself. They let us believe we were being screened to see if we would be good candidates for a 'success story' IF we agreed with the coaching requirements. In the beginning, the coaching was mentioned in 'auctionsforincome' but failed to mention the additional cost for it. I was told they were working with Dave Espino and Auctions for Income to help those with this system become successful. The man asked us a few more questions and then asked us about our financial situation, if we had any outstanding debt, credit cards and things of that nature. He then asked us if we knew about good credit and bad credit and that investing is good credit. We were then told the cost of the program. Up until this point I thought that they just wanted to work with me, using just Dave Espino's system which we already paid for. They proceeded to tell us that the investment was around $8000.00. My husband and I have no where near that kind of money. The man then asked if we had a credit card. We told him we had received a card with that kind of available credit thinking we would pay it off quick. He promised that we would have our website up and running in 3 days plus an experienced coach as well as advertising to help attain our financial goals. He assured me that these were the startup costs to get business rolling and if I could commit to at least 10 hours a week I could make this work as well as make back the investment in as little as 3-6 months. My wife and I had little time to discuss this in private so we agreed to the sale. At this point we were told that he was recording my conversation to perform the credit card authorization with another female representative from the company. I was told that we had a 3 day right of rescission; yet they set our date with our “coach” for one week later, which prevented us from making an informed decision about the company. They taped our conversation. I was never sent a copy of this verbal contract for my records. Since, my Real Estate career was very slow with the soon to be collapse in the Real Estate world, and my wife was recently unemployed, we were willing to put as many hours as it took to make this business work. We were told we would have weekly coaching for 6 months and additional if it was needed, up to a year. The coaching consisted of information that I found was free elsewhere on the internet and it lasted for 6 weeks. I was told I would be assisted by my coach to set up a business as well as a website. The connections to wholesalers that they promised were NOT sufficient. Most of the links given to me were either inadequate or required additional fees. Both my wife and I felt that we were scammed. I honestly put more time into trying to make this business work than I have ever put into anything and I have not made $1. Since this happened, I have tried to get my money or a portion of it back with no avail. These people will scam you out of money and do anything they can to get it.

Michael & Miranda


  • Sc
    Scammed and Ripped Feb 23, 2014

    Want my opinion? I was scammed by PMI as well losing 4600, got back 2300 because i had to fight it. Get these crooks behind bars, sooner the better.

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  • Al
    alexader May 31, 2013

    thank you to you all I was just getting ready to pay them when I decided to do some more checking, now that I know they are nothing but ###, I will not sign anything with them. You just saved me from being taken for a scam .thank you everyone

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  • Da
    Darcy from Alberta Jan 18, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I also secummed to Pressure Marketing at one of the Free travelling PMI seminars tooting the Scott McGillivray clean image and great Canadian business man and morals! We originally purchased the Insiders Edge 3 day course, and the SKW Tax Lien course. All we really came for was the Tax Lien seminar for more info as we heard a little about it.
    Once home, and had the night to scramble on Google for any information or comfort in what we just blindly purchased under their "If you buy tonight you save $2000" pressure tactic, we found that The Insiders Edge as they were calling them selves, were also part of many, many other company names, incl. PMI, the hair on the back of our necks went up and that quizzy sick feeling in your stomach that you have just been "Scammed!". In the morning we called to cancel our pressured purchase within the 3 day cancel time, but met with resistance. They convinced us that our lack of confidence was because of our inexperience and lack of good investment training, and that what we really needed to do if we ever wanted to be successful investors, was to "Upgrade our 3 day work shop for their full Mentoring Program. They were holding back on price, and instead said that we would be great candidates for their Successful Student ad's for their marketing, but first have to talk to their supervisor in a few minutes to see if he decided that we would be worthy candidates. Guess what, we were apparently successfully chosen to be their Mentored Examples if we agreed to do a short Happy Customer ad for them after we were successful in 6 months. Again no time to sit, think and discuss the purchase! We gave our visa for a $10000 Mentorship how to successfully purchase, renovate and flip houses for huge profits with the full help of their professional teams. We waited about 5 days for an affiliate to get a hold of us, but when we repeatedly stated we were living in Canada and not the states, and we wanted to make sure these methods and strategies were feasible, and legal, for Canadians, living in Canada, they said they would get one of their Canadian specialists to mentor us. They called back once a week later, and said it would be monthly phone calls to discuss progress with the steps they suggested, and steps in their elaborate work books, and fairly elaborate training website. Never heard from them again! we called once and got a run around! Chalked it up as an expensive lesson in stupidity on our part!

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  • Ma
    Marzz Nov 02, 2012

    Thanks I almost attended the free get your free epad seminar. Not going to waste my time thanks to you good people.

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  • Ru
    rumi28 Oct 25, 2012

    Oct 25th 2012: There's an event this October 27th weekend in the Toronto area by Scott McGillivray and Michael Sarracini. Is this for real or another scam? Lifetime Wealth Academy website is (
    I checked the name online with and they've rated Lifetime wealth academy as A-. Still not too sure how it goes. Anyone who has more info, could you please email me at [email protected] -Thanks and appreciate any info.

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  • Ja
    JAD007 Jun 23, 2012

    I'm writing from Miami, FL.. I went with a friend to a "Scott McGillivray workshop" back in the late fall of 2011. The salesman pulled out all the stops as far as high pressure sales goes. (I recognize the underlying mentality of the high pressure salesman, even if the specific words/actions are different, from the several times I've negotiated for the purchase or lease of a new car---same ###, different toilet) He told us that portions of what they were offering were "limited" and that we had to sign up fast or lose out. He told us the $1997.00 cost of the next 3-day workshop (a week or two away) was only valid that night; if we left the conference room and came back later, this "discounted price" wouldn't be available. (I think the "MSRP" was in the $5000. range though I'm not sure.) He gave us the "If you'll agree to let us use you as a 'success story' in our publications, we'll refund your initial investment." Let me be clear---we signed up of our own volition. We wanted to believe. I was stunned by the $1997. "discounted price, " but signed up anyway. I didn't want an easy, sure thing. I wanted to learn something good about real estate investing, work hard, and make some modest gains. (OK, I wanted fabulous gains, but I was willing to work for it). I was also amazed/skeptical that someone would want to give me all the help I'd need to make huge financial gains; why not guard the information and make the easy millions yourself? I also remember wondering whether I could even do what they were suggesting without needing a license of any sort (real estate?). Finally, particularly in this economy, who in their right mind would make a line of credit of up to $500, 000 available to anyone off teh street willing to invest $1997.??? Something's fishy from the git-go. By the next day, my friend was sure we'd been scammed. We immediately called the number on the paperwork we received but got an answering machine. (OK, It was late.) We left a message asking for a return call. We knew we had 3 days to cancel. No return call. We called the next day and spoke to someone who said we'd get a return call to finalize the cancellation process. (You need their "return authorization code" and address to mail the introductory materials back to Utah). Oh, I should have realized something was amiss when I counted at least three different names of the company we were dealing with (The Leading Edge in Lehi, UT is what I call it now but there were other names). The 3-day workshop came and went (we didn't attend, needless to say). I contested the charge with AmEx, who put the charge on hold until the problem was resolved. (Spoiler alert: I never had to pay the $1997. Suggestion---never pay cash!) I registered a complaint with the BBB. I heard back from AmEx that The Leading Edge never got its materials so they couldn't authorize the refund. AmEx put the $1997. back on my active acct. I contested the charge again---said they wouldn't call and give me the return authorization code--- and they put the $1997. on hold again. They also sent me Leading Edge's paperwork in response to AmEx's request for documentation. And in that paperwork I found the names of several people in the organization and their emails in what looked like some inter-office memos or whatever. Of course, I wrote directly to these people. I mentioned writing to the BBB and FL Dept. of Consumer Affairs, about feeling that I was scammed; I also mentioned small claims court (though that would have been a stretch). I got a call almost immediately. Knowing the names of individuals at The Leading Edge who had clearly seen my complaint really lit a fire under their ###. I also got the all-important "return authorization code." I sent the workbooks and DVDs back in a box and that was the end of a nearly 2-months long process. Talk about getting the runaround. I've learned my lesson. I will never invest my money on the spur of the moment again. P.S. The Leading Edge thinks that I'm a happy customer, that I went to the 3-day seminar in January '12. They keep sending me "special VIP invitations" to continue my work with them, even offering the chance to "hang out" with Scott McGillivray! What a joke!

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  • Im
    IMJustified May 11, 2012

    I can help you retain a refund from PMI or any other scam company! I know through experience that getting the money back was only part of the relief that I felt. It was a GREAT feeling not having to always work on my "business" that they assured me would MAKE A LOT OF MONEY!!! That was a lie - I made NOTHING & incurred thousands in unnecessary bills (not only from PMI & the Tax Club but the stupid things that they told me that were necessary - like a business phone line, an LLC, an 800 number- I COULD GO ON & ON!! I'm STILL paying for all of that!)
    It was also GREAT SATISFACTION knowing that these scam companies didn't get my money!!!

    CONTACT ME FOR HELP!!! [email protected] [protected]

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  • FIAD Services Apr 02, 2012

    We have done a background report on Professional Marketing International and other known accomplices (see below link) PLEASE LET US KNOW IF WE NEED TO ADD OR UPDATE ANYTHING! Please note report consists of previous client feedback who had previously done business with Professional Marketing International.

    BACKGROUND REPORT – Professional Marketing International -

    Reported accomplices so far for Professional Marketing International;
    Professional Marketing International
    P M I
    PMI Coaching
    PMI Education
    Wasatch Summit LLC
    My E Biz
    National Marketing Resources
    Home Buyer’s Club
    Operation Dropship
    Interactive Training System
    Click Sell Go
    AFI Auction Max
    SKW Central
    Sean Keegan Walker’s Tax Liens & Deeds
    Electronic Marketing Services Inc
    EMS Coaching
    EMServe LLC
    PMI Education Center
    The Insiders Edge
    Think a Little Different
    uSight Home Inc
    Home Inc
    Home Office Marketing Enterprises
    Stores on Line
    Storesonline Inc
    Imergent Inc.
    H.O.M.E. Inc
    H O M E Inc.
    HOME Inc.
    Tafiti Consulting

    Please check out the other companies we have also been informed of listed on our site should you hear of them in the future.

    FIAD Card Services (please visit our website, ). We definitely can be of help if you have not yet received a full refund. We have no upfront fees and work on a contingency basis. We only need you to answer a few questions to confirm we can help. PLEASE NOTE- The original purchase date must be within the past 24 months.

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  • Ka
    Karma Works! Mar 16, 2012

    I had similar problems with a scam called "Return-A-Pet." I and several other "distributors" got together and, since we had received stuff through the mail, we complained to the Postal Inspector's Office in the state where Return-A-Pet was located. It's taken a couple of years, but the miserable so-and-so running the mess has now not only been busted, but had pled guilty and is awaiting sentencing.

    I offer this story as a possible means of helping others who've been scammed get some justice. If you get anything through the mail from PMI's scam artists, you can complain to the Postal Inspector. In fact, out of the state Attorney General's Office, the NYC police department, the Federal Trade Commission, and the Secret Service (because the RAP oik had gone international!), and the Postal Inspector, it was only the Postal Inspector who not only helped, but got the ### busted!

    Good luck, and next time, watch your backs! I know I'll be watching mine more carefully from now on...

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  • Sc
    ScamHero Feb 13, 2012

    Get a refund from the Tax Club by... The person to call reguarding all Tax Club scam situations is their lawyer Joseph Sanscrainte. He orchestrates the entire scheme to let the Tax Club get away with robbing the public consumers. His phone number is [protected]. He will consider your options for refund. If he does not cooperate with you reguarding a refund, I suggest you may call:

    Departmental Disciplinary Committee for the First Department
    61 Broadway, 2nd Floor
    New York, NY 10006

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  • Go
    goetzb Jan 21, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi, I spoke with PMI several times and was seriously excitd for the oppurtunity. I took a few days to think about it and then started asking some questions I had jotted down. They would not give me any real answers to any of my questions. I hung up and thought some more and called back, they then proceeded to get nasty with me saying if I was a doubter I would always be, and that I was to negative to have a successful business. I couldn't believe my ears, doesn't a successful person ask a lot of questions and find out all aspects in order to make an informed decision. I am so thankful they said those things before I to got sucked into their scam. A proffesional business will aswer your questions, they will have a porfolio of their work, these are not unreasonable things to ask for.

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  • Im
    IMJustified Jan 17, 2012

    I am a well educated on the ball woman and I too was scammed out of a total of over $18, 000.00 between PMI and The Tax Club (falling for their smooth talking sales pitch). Luckily, on the day before I agreed to a settlement of $1, 500.00 with The Tax Club, I found the Utah Consumer Advocate website, who in a little over ONE month helped me to obtain a FULL REFUND from both companies!

    The best thing about this UCA is that you don't give them a dime until you receive an acceptable refund! Please contact me at [email protected] and I will steer you in the right direction towards obtaining YOUR refund!!

    HONESTLY, this is not another scam!

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  • Pe
    Peter Quinn Jan 08, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had orginally posted this on Scott McGillivray's community Website but it was immediately removed by the moderator because it poorlly reflected his approach to his customers. I hope this post helps those who are doing some background research on PMI
    Orignially Posted January 6, 2012 at 2:44 pm

    My experience with PMI was sour and they have not changed their approach with McGilivery's business

    Two weeks after purchasing Scotts books I was contacted by a sales rep from PMI in Utah. I spend 1hr on the phone with a screener who asked me a series of questions about debt, savings, goals etc. I was then put on hold so that I could speak directly to 2nd interviewer. But and then transfered to another representative who finally delivered the ‘pitch.’ I was offered a personal 6 month realestate coaching program for $6, 000. In this time I needed to make 5 investment transactions for the coaching to continue.

    Okay. I’ve been around long enough to understand sales techniques: The foot-in-the-door technique and the bait-and-switch-technique. I asked a lot of questions about the program, about the coaches bio and history but I didn’t get many answers. They insisted that everything would be answered by the coach. I was Cautious and hessitant so as soon as I said that I’m quite ready yet, I got a 4 word answer. “Have a nice day” ... click

    Thank you for your courtesy PMI.
    PMI had wasted 58mins of my time and was not transparent of what was being offered up front. They were very pushy with trying to get you to buy in. I like Scott’s books and his show but using PMI is a poor way of promoting Scott’s business in Canada. I have a very poor impression of PMI and in my eyes they have tarnished Scott’s reputation.

    Since finding this this site I've come to realize that PMI uses the same cheap scam to pitch other programs and services.
    "Jan T" had responded my post and again her post was also removed by the moderator.
    January 6, 2012 at 3:27 pm | Permalink

    I am heartened by your reply to Brian. His is the same experience my husband and I had. They originally contacted us before Scott’s books arrived and began with “The Pitch” keeping us on the phone for nearly an hour going over our finances, etc. My husband and I have been around the block a few times and felt uncomfortable with the way PMI was selling itself. The only reason we spent so much time with them on the phone is because of Scott’s reputation. Otherwise, we would have hung up immediately. During the course of our conversation we kept trying to pin them down for specifics and asked them to send us their offer in writing. They hedged and tried putting us off until we told them that was the only way we would do business. We wanted a contract with specifics. As businessmen I’m sure that you and Scott would agree that in this day and age nothing is done by a handshake and most particularly not with a stranger. PMI finally relented and sent us their “contract” which was most certainly no contract. It was a simple Word document with no logo or identifying information, no names and no signatures. The first contact person was very pleasant, but after we hedged the top supervisor curtly said, “Goodbye” and hung up on us.

    PMI used every tactic to sell us an expensive package — pleasantries, smooth talk, then ratcheting up the pressure. In the end, even though we believe “that it takes money to make money, ” we were not confidant that PMI would deliver on their verbal promises.

    Drew, we are not fools, but PMI plays a smooth game of hardball and we could have been easily taken in. If you and Scott want to preserve your pristine reputation, I would urge you to discontinue your relationship with these people. They cannot be trusted and are are ruining your name."

    Consumers please be wise and listen to your gut feeling.

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  • Co
    coco_chanel Oct 30, 2011

    One more piece of information!!! valuable...
    If you go to Scott McGillivray's official website LifeTime Wealth Academy states on the community blog how they use PMI!!!
    Again...buyer beware!!! I am so...glad that there is some sort of forum out there for people to inform the public!!!


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  • Co
    coco_chanel Oct 30, 2011

    I just went to one of Scott McGillivray's seminars by these PMI guys...that push a hard sale...and deliver nothing!!! They tease you...with some real estate information...but then say...
    You have to go attend another 3 day seminar for 2000.00 dollars to receive the real information!!! and real estate tips...
    Plus we had another speaker there, endorsing drop shipping?? and how to set this up from home...after purchasing this product for 197.00!!
    I have to say that Scott and his 'people' should be completely he is a fellow Canadian endorsing these guys or using them as apart of his 'team'...and he his ripping off fellow Canadian's that work hard for their money.
    Yes...everyone works hard for their money...I am just making the point as I am a fellow Canadian that nearly fell for this scam...
    I wonder how HGTV is allowing him to have his show, whilst scamming his viewers!!!
    Thanks for the information above...

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  • M2
    M21Cars Oct 27, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have a guy about to call me back (from PMI) and talk to my wife and I about being our "PMI coaches" on this whole Anthony Morrison stuff. I am GLAD that I read this and WILL NOT go through with the so called "Training Program"!! Has anybody done Anthony's stuff on your own? The book seems legit and all the websites that I have screened so far are legit!!

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  • Di
    Di334 Oct 11, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I received a call from PMI this evening after purchasing Scott McGillivray's book . Thank you for sharing your experiences. I had a gut feeling that this was a scam and declined to invest. You have confirmed my feeling.

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  • Cu
    curiousaboutPMI? Sep 01, 2011

    I got a call and everything that you all said happened. One question I have is; how do they get away with using successful people or TV personalities who are clearly above board? how do they manage to use their image and reputation to pitch their product.

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  • Fr
    frustrated143 Apr 27, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    So please tell me, when you stopped the payments on your credit card, did PMI take any legal action? I would like to do that, but I am afraid that if I do, they will fill file some kind of a law suite because I signed a contract? Any information any one can give me would be gratefully appreciated

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  • Ju
    Juan2bee Apr 17, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You made the right choice. I may never get my money back, but I will post anywhere I can to save others from getting the same thing done to them. I hope I cost them 100 times what they got from me.

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  • Na
    nagaco Apr 11, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Anthony Morrison is a scam, rip off, and mill sucking millions out of your wallet. Avoid Anthony Morrison like the plague, as you buy an overpriced training program that PMI in Utah offers. It's a ok program for beginners, but for $4000, it's $3, 500 overpriced and a complete scam. I though I was signing up for advance marketing and I end up getting introduction to affiliate marketing. If you charge with a credit card, dispute it and tell the card company not to allow another charge. I got my money back and the thief Anthony Morrison and the ### at PIM recharged my card and the credit card company says I am SOL. So please, avoid Anthony Morrison and PIM, they are scams, and they will suck as much money out of you as you can. Do not buy anything from Anthony Morrisson, or PMI in Utah, they will not refund your money and they are a complete rip-off.

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  • Fr
    frustrated143 Apr 11, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I understand completely how you feel. My daughter and I signed up with PMI after they called us and told us how much money we could be making with an online business. We also signed up for a two year loan and put in hundreds of hours of work in to our new business. Needless to say, we ended up losing more than we made. At first they were very helpful and as time went by we got less answers to our questions. Soon, every time we tried to get in touch with the Advisory line or the Chat line we could not reach anyone. A few days ago I email PMI and the BBB, wouldn't you know it I got an email from some guy name Adam Holdaway. He had the never to tell me that he tried calling my telephone number but there was no answer and no voice mail. Amazing, because I have always had voice mail and a second line. I emailed him back with this information and he called me today. At first he was nice and as I got in to more detail as to why I was upset he became more angry and defensive. He was rude and very unprofessional. All I can say is this: If you get a call from PMI telling you that they can help you achieve your dreams and in six months they will be calling you for a success story...HANG UP! The first six months you will think everything they told you is true, after six will not exist to them. They already have your money and that is what they set out to do in the first place.

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  • Ic
    icantbelieveifellforthis Jan 25, 2011

    I wish I had seen this before sigining up with PMI nearly a year ago. I had the same thing, where someone called me after I ordered the DVD. They asked me questions about my income and what I did and then told me that there was a selection process of who they admitted to the program as they wanted only those who will be succesful. They asked if I'd be willing to share my story if I was succesful. I should have known it was a scam there and then, but then they direct you to legitimate websites and State Bureaus that accredit their company, so you believe them. I don't think the company itself is a scam, I think the product they sell and the way they sell it is a scam. They make it sound so easy, and that you won't need to invest much more money from your side, but the truth it that you do have to invest a substantial amount of money, it takes up a large amount of time and the support staff are not that helpful. I just think that if this Morrison guy really had a heart, he would stop ripping off people with this pipe dream. Why ask a person to fork out $5, 000+ and lock them into a 2year payment program, when you are'nt very transparent about what your product is or does prior to signing that person up. There should be a 1 month window whereby if the product is not for you, you can terminate your account, pay for the month and be done with it, but the contract mentality is a scam mentality. I am sorry to say, but Morrison's reputation will go down as a Scam Millionairre (maybe Hidden Millionaire stands for that in some sick demented way...)

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  • Na
    nagaco Jan 20, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They got me also. PMI got me to sign up for advanced affiliate marketing training and all they do is shove you in their boot camp for introduction for affiliate marketing. Which is $4k and way overpriced.

    They refused to give me my money back and I have to take them to Arbitration. PMI is a scam. PMI is a rip-off. They will try to get you to be in their training, then they will hound you to register your business and get accounting and incorporation through them for another $5k. Anthony Morrison is a scam and I hope this post saves 1 person from the predatory and parasitic leeches and ### Anthony Morrison and the lying SOB's at PMI who will rip you off and not refund any money once you discover their scam. Avoid anthony morrison scams and do not buy anything from PMI, they are liars, thieves, and crooks.

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