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Playedge, address: #02-59 Sim Lim Square, Singapore, is a dishonest shop. They sell to me a modeified PSP promotion package $250. But after I pay and sign, they only give me the promotion package which is only the accessory. They said the promotion package means only the accessories without the console. if want to add the console must add ard $340. Playedge Sim Lim Square is really a bad reputation shop. Hope CASE and police will investigate them soon and close the shop!


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      Jan 12, 2010

    u r rite man..i just got cheated by them .i went there to buy mobile phone stuff and pay by nets .price 35 dollars but smehow the salesman covered the amount where i have to key in my pin number .i found out later the ### swiped 350 dollars. i called the police but till nw they got no evidence to prove the shop or the salesman. i tried to get my money back but they just ignored and threaten me. gosh! i cant beleive it. whoever read this pls becareful of this shop and their other shops .playedge, gamecraft, jzz mobile . careful when you pay by nets or credit cards .

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      Mar 01, 2010

    I think almost all gaming and cell shops at the 2nd floor has an issue. I just lately bought a Wii Nintendo at Evolution Gaming from a skinny tall guy and said my bill is only 500 sgd but when i gave my credit card visa, he just swipe and entered 600 in the amout. He just said he did this because I can reclaim the GST at the airport when I have someone or a friend that will be leaving Singapore. they sell 60 SGD for the remote w/o the nunchuk which is 40 SGD. And they also let me buy the Multifunction Station for 199 SGD... what a shame and they just fooled me around. the whole package amounting to 799 SGD plus the console and they let me buy unnecessary stuff for the wii.

    I tried to check with the other shops located above they said.. a group of individuals or a family running like a syndicate at the 2nd floor of Sim Lim all are fools. There are many complainants already with those shops at the 2nd floor of Sim Lim most especially Evolution Gaming. A current change name from the previous one known very notorius cases towards them. They act rude to clients and most often they are violent. Everyone must be warned with this thief owners at SIM LIM Square. And perhaps the management of Sim Lim must do something with this owners. Or Singapore goverment must act or plan something not to let this people cause more harm to all people visiting SIm Lim. What a shame...

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      Apr 28, 2012

    never buy stuff from 2nd floor.. especially gaming stuff.. becareful.. i got cheated 2 weeks back.. damn it.. should have read .. helps identify scammers in sim lim square.. some website i found..

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      Apr 30, 2012

    It is hard to close these shops despite the complaints because they will register the shop under another name and owner. That is why it is recommended that one should only buy game console from established or reputable shop. The best game console shops are those that has repeated customers and grow by word
    of mouth, and will strengthen their company brand through good value for money and excellent customer service.

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      Jun 24, 2012

    I got the same situation in chinatown peoples park complex, that was when i ask for the price for ipad 2, the salesman quote me sgd 490, seems a good price as any Apple dealer will sell at sgd 528, after made the payment, the salesman proceed to open the box checking items and issuing receipt, after that he ask for my IC says he need register for me and there will be a charge of another Sgd 80, i said that i can register myself, beside i have owned another ipad which i bought from Apple dealer, there is no such thing call register fees, he insist that he mus do the registeration or else he cant sell me the unit, he will charge sgd 30 for admin fees for cancellation, look at the situation and there are thugs on their side, i left no choice and have full refund net of Sgd 30. I really feels bad about it, how cant they do like this, how would they jus lives on by knowingly that they make a living by cheating innocent people money. They do not feel guilty at all? End up i goes to buy from Apple exclusive dealer. After the incident, in my opinion if you wish to buy any branded electronic items, it would be wise to buy from exclusive dealer.

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      Jun 29, 2012

    I just recently bought samsung galaxy notes at the peoples park complex been cheated also. Me & my husband ask for d price its $458, then he ask me to sign the resit + 7% tax.. OK that's fine for us. After that he ask for registration fee + unlocked for $460 again, i said to him i just unlocked the phone by myself, but he force me to give our passport to make the registration, i m keep on screaming at him that i insist to register it, let me register myself & unlocked it by myself... But still he forced us to register & don't want to let go the phone to us. My husband so panic & just calm me down & he pay for me for the registration, i m so upset as a tourist i feel not safe anymore to shop in Singapore's.

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