Phoenix AMD Int./Furniture WarrantyNot fulfilling contract

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Do not purchase their warranties. First they claim all it covered was for stains or animal urine. Then when it was shown too them torn or punctured leather from accident. They still stuck to their it only covers stains. But their policy clearly states for tears and punctures from accident. Then they tried to buy me off offered mm $308 to drop everything. You have to love the tenacity of these people.


  • Pi
    Pissed105 Apr 24, 2012

    Agree!! i paid so much money for their best warranty for my furniture just for them to turn around and say that i abused the furniture and they denied my claim! in no way shape or form have i ever abused the furniture. the tech they sent to evaluate the furniture stated that it was faulty manufacturing and he couldn't fix the problem. now Phoenix AMD Int. says that i abused the furniture?? this is absurd! i guess i'll have to file a BBB complaint against them and have my attorney contact them for fraud.

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  • Af
    afisherr Nov 23, 2013

    I had a similar experience. My roommate got nail polish on my couch, so I called them, they came over with a little spray bottle and got hardly any of the stain out. The guy called his boss and told them he got 70% of the stain out! I then emailed them again saying I was not happy with the job they did and there was still a big ugly stain on my couch and I got zero response. I was completely ignored and forgotten. What kind of service is this? Never again will I purchase this ### warranty that leaves me high and dry after I have paid.

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  • Ar
    Artem T. Mar 27, 2014

    So true!!! I purchased a natuzzi sofa for around 6k, I purchased their warranty just in case...
    6 months later the leather started to rip because of the foam that got to compacted, and guess what, it is not covered by the warranty because it's not an accidental cut. It is just amazing the way they make money... Shame

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  • De
    Denis Atam Feb 18, 2020

    Bad company, bad policies, very unfriendly staff - STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!!
    We purchased 4 expensive ($360) mattress covers (twin bed). We used 2 of them but then decided that they are not the right fit for us (the covers did slide off the mattresses, they were piling up while you were sleeping). So we wanted to return the 2 unused (still original packed) ones. Their warranty period was only 30 days - so they refused the return, because we were a few days over it. Very unpleasant experience with this company & their products!!

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