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Frank Osilibe played a major role as seller's agent in the scheme to undermine J. Rothchild & Company and its owner Sylvanius Bell. He refuses all communications with Mr. Bell, leaving Mr. Bell without paying him for his services in introducing him to four new clients. He agreed to pay 25 cents per barrel sold. Each client wanted 24 million barrels per year. The contracts opened in 2007. The contracts are ongoing today.

First of all, this complaint is about an oil trade broker, named Guy Corio from Worcester, MA, who STEALS, slanders a man's name and character on international and national television, and undermines his associates. Also, I will mention in this complaint: Rev. Leonard Bell, James Winters, Evangelist Charles Moore, Glen Fishine, Frank Osilibe and others involved in the skim to violate an agreement.

In the spring of 2006 and fall of 2007, after the signing of the NCNDA and sending many emails, I entrusted Mr. Corio to carryout his promise to process the contracts or to offer new contracts to my clients with the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC). He promised something positive will follow. Nothing happened.

The transactions involved the purchase of Bonny Light Crude Oil (BLCO) from NNPC, a national government agency. Each shipment was to lift 2, 000, 000 MT of BLCO for 24 months with extensions.

It is believed all contracts signed and extended by my clients may represent a high number of 32 contracts in total over a four or a five year period. Many contracts are ongoing.

At any rate, contracts were directly submitted to Mr. Corio. And I agreed with Mr. Corio to be paid 10 cents (one client, .25 cents, another client .50 cents and up to US$1.00 per metric ton) per metric tons. I recall submitting more than eight BLCO clients. Other BLCO partners included: Glen Fishbine, Evangelist Charles Moore, Ehab Bassal, Riyah-al Inzy, Denis Giatras/Helix International, Luther Martins; Guy Corio/ Oceanic Marketing; Gracian Consulting; Evanagelist Charles Moore/ Bagcock Oil International; Glen Fishbine/ Paradigm Capital Strategies; Javaid Ali Shahk; Steve Chojnicki; Japheth Joe Garba; CCP Holding/Mr. Badia; Collins Osemota; Jeffrey Sharipo, Imoh Tim and Leonard Bell, all had contracts. All were BLCO brokers, except Rev. Leonard Bell of both of Atlanta, GA and Dallas, TX and now owner "Bellabel and Millennium International" of Hong Kong, China.

The clients I introduced to Mr. Corio and his group were fully aware of their contracts moving to another firm. I informed all my clients of Mr. Corio new involvement and to expect him to close their contracts. I thought Mr. Corio was an experienced broker in the market. That proved to be untrue.

Of course, Mr. Corio proved to be a nothing more than a con-artist at best. Matter of fact, this group had to go on "60 Minutes" twice in order to win over a supplier. (Order and see the two tapes entitled "NIGERIAN SCAMS" with Morley Safer as CBS News correspondent).

In the final analysis, I now know of some of Mr. Corio business dealings. I know he is no friend to the IRS and a devious crook with his associates. He and his cronies are taxes invaders. All of them are under investigation with the FBI and IRS for money laundering.

For a person treated so abruptively, I know of their banking arrangements too. Some of these brokers have banked at Credit Swiss, Union Bank of Switzerland, Ukrainian Bank, Wachovia, as well as banks in Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Austria, Russia, Aruba, United Kingdom, France, Nigeria, Norway and Luxembourg.

The group consists of ten other brokers (see above names) in a similar arrangement with Mr. Corio. All the brokers at the time were amateurs, perhaps some had concrete experience, but never volunteered to lead in dealing with Nigerians. Mr. Corio self-appointed himself as lead broker and paymaster. Obviously, we viewed Mr. Corio as the experienced businessman with more years in business than the other brokers. Mr. Corio, I admit you are slick and witty.

Recently, since October 2010, I have written three emails and received no response from parties involved. Meanwhile, this ordeal between us, remain at-large and unresolved.

Other contacts were exposed to this sleazy salesman and his cronies, like my contacts with Russian Export Blend Crude Oil and Jet Fuel suppliers and agents. One REBCO/Jet Fuel contract was planning to lift 50, 000, 000 MT monthly for 12 months with extensions. Mr. K.Y. Lee served as broker. He too has decided not to respond. It is believed his contracts were processed by this group and Mr. Corio.

Brokers working with me in the area of REBCO and Jet Fuel were the following : Anil De Sai and Associates/Ehud Estreicher; Arabian Trading International/ Ehab Bassal; JIT Investments/ Robert Chang; IBEX/ Michel Ibrouchene Cheroune, Ku-Yong Lee and Jose Claude Ratsitoarisoa.

Hence, in one incident, Mr. Corio allowed a total stranger to represent my interest without my prior knowledge and permission, all the while knowing of my email address and telephone number. The intruder and indirect thief is Rev. Leonard Bell, whom I owe nothing! He invited himself by way of some spying on my email. I never once called for his assistance. Whatever, he contributed I could have done tenfold more. Rev. Bell never finished high school. Also, James Winters, a friend and gay roomate of Rev. Leonard Bell, stands involved .

Rev. Bell is not a trained nor experienced international trade broker. He is not a friend nor associate. He is a functional illiterate, a pathological thief, a notorious liar, a psychotic hypocritic, a chronic tax invader -- and he acted as an impostor in claiming he was Sylvanius Bell in the original meeting. Later, he changed his story and directed Mr. Corio to add his real name to all my clients' contracts.

Also, there is Evangelist Charles Moore of London, United Kingdon, and Port Harcourt, Nigeria, who is an experienced international trade agent from Nigeria, at least he said so, when I first encountered him. I approached him with a client and he sent me to Frank Telemor and Frank Osolibe. He also promised a commission, approximately US$1.00 per metric ton. Never received a dime! He is arrogant and selfish. I have written him several times, and there is no reply from this servant of God!

And, there is Glen Fishbine, owner-partner of Paradigm Capital Strategies, based in Minneapolis, MN. Recently, spoke with him after several attempts and he denied any of my contracts went through or were acceptable. Whatever that means. Obviously, Mr. Fishbine did not study business practices and philosophy while at the New Mexico State University, while working on his Master's degree. He clearly missed the boat in the common sense department. Any fool will know, perhaps the contracts were unacceptable to the (seller's) mandates like Frank Telemor, but my clients were established superb business people with exceptional credentials. He and Mr. Corio did the unthinkable and introduced to my clients new contracts and erased me from the process. Believe it or not, Mr. Fishbine, you owe me biggggggg bucks. I am aware of contracts and their abilities to misconstrue a person's intentions. He never offered to pay me for one client I sent him.

Consequently, I gave you my clients, expecting you to exemplify your expertise. I expected you to overcome all obstacles, because you convinced me that you and Mr. Corio were experienced in dealing with Nigerian mandates. You both lied. You are more amateurish than all parties and you sicken me. You promised to look out for my interest, but never once informed me of your limited understanding of contracts and the law. It is clear now Mr. Corio and his cronies do not understand contractual law. Now we are in a legal limbo.

Finally, Frank Telemor and Frank Osolibe, Nigerian mandates, promised to pay me US$1.00 per metric ton, if the deal was successful. In this business either seller or buyer pays the facilitator, depending on the personalities involved. They too have neglected to pay me in full or contact me.

However, Mr. Telemor recommended me to go to the buyer's side, thinking I would get paid more money. Of course, that was a stretch of the imagination, because Mr. Telemor and his partner Mr. Osolibe decided to do like Mr. Corio and Mr. Fishbine -- and that is pay nothing. It was plain and simple -- a run-around. I have written the two men several times to no reply.

In closing, I contributed several contracts to this goddamned group by locating BLCO and REBCO/Jet Fuel agents willing to work with us. It was a matter, of working out the kinks. Matter of fact, agents (Frank Telemor of Petrolog Oil Drillers and Frank Osolibe of Petrogeophysical Oil Company, both of Nigeria) are the ones that eventually processed all the contracts. I am confident that my contacts made the deals work. I am confident, I did my part as a partner, bringing clients to other brokers..

The total amount of the commission is estimated at the value of over US$300, 000, 000 and more.

I recommend all my clients to look for new brokers/sellers and release Mr. Corio and his cronies from further obligations. I still may be contacted via my email ([protected] I remain in business.

If anybody knows of a lawyer, please contact me. Any lawyers out there, should expect to take on this case on a contingency basis. I guarantee 20 percent, if case is won. THANK YOU!


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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