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I bought an item from Pertemba CA in only because I didn't see any shipping charges.
While buying with a cc, I went through the pages that there was no shipping charge.
When I got the purchase confirmation email, I got the shipping charge.
Escalated to them,
Manager Tom Pitt replied, "I can assure you that the shipping charges were applied at the time of purchase as we are not able to apply additional charges of any kind to an order once confirmed. These charges would have been visible to you when completing the order.
As this order has now been dispatched we are unable to cancel the order."
I replied, "Why this shipping fee was not visible on the first page?" No reply yet. Just shameless, born crooks to make money either breaking a hell or a brothel to buy fresh, succulent flesh.
Be careful in buying any products from Pertemba on Amazon Marketplace.

  • Updated by Kyle Milwood · Jul 17, 2018

    You mean Mr. Bezos is the big sucking crook?


  • A
      Oct 12, 2017

    Pertemba CA is doing this to all on Amazon Marketplace, Amazon doesn't care, just expanding to have more crooks in her tummy. I buy more products on Amazon which display a shipping fee. I don't get carried away by Amazon Prime or no shipping fees because I know what will be the end result most of the time - falling at the hands of crooks. Honest businessmen put the shipping fees just below the product prices to avoid any confusion. Crooks do it in a crooked way Sad. Take it easy in the world of crooks.

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  • B
      Jun 21, 2019

    @Anchors59 who cares why do you expect your shipment to be free, you SHOULD be charged, and unless the charges are astronomical suck it up!

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      Jan 09, 2020

    @B.T1. This has happened to me as well, I don't remember the seller. I am very mindful to shipping fees, mostly because I compare shop, so taxes, shipping and exchange rate when applicable I calculate. So when this happened on my order which I saw only after the order was processed. The next day I was moving the confirmation email to it's folder (my system) I thought to myself "wait a minute " price seemed different, I went to my notebook and confirmed was higher. So I re-ordered as though first time and we are correct, the shipping fee did not appear until confirmation. I've been more vigilant checking for inconsistencies. My pet peeve is most items that show same day or next day change to two days 'after' order is completed, I let it go every time because I rarely need anything now, I will think about that on renewal day for Prime membership since I don't take advantage of all the benefits.

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  • K
      Oct 12, 2017

    Too bad for Pertemba. Just be honest and put the shipping fee with the product price. What's wrong with this?

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      Oct 27, 2017

    This is what is wrong with these types of comment boards, Amazon is the problem here and not the marketplace seller. Amazon consolidates sellers together in to single listings, if they are selling the same product. Just so you know, the shipping fees will ALWAYS be shown at checkout, you just need to read your final page review before confirming. As you might have multiple items in your basket coming from multiple sellers. This would mean multiple shipping fees.

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      Nov 11, 2019

    @CaptainHindsight @CaptainHindsight,
    Belated -post time 2019-11-11

    "Amazon is the problem here and not the marketplace seller."(Pertemba)
    " just need to read your final page review before confirming."

    Exactly. lists the shipping fees with explanation why.
    Fees were very reasonable considering shipment was from UK to CA.

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