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Peoples Gas review: I’m not receiving gas

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I setup accounts for gas : 2 units plus a public line , for 4929 w wolfram , Chicago , il , 60641 . And they told me that the building is cut from the main , but somebody will come to the building to see if there are lines Conected to any apliances , and from there they ll dig and give me the service .

After 36 h nobody contact me to come into the building .

So I called again , i faund that my account is with revenue assurance deoartmanemt and I have to call them .

I keep calling from 4 days ago almost continuesly , but all the time is a robot saying that they are busy at the moment and call th later .

The conclusion is that nobody to contact there - is ridicoulas !

Winter is around the corner , I have to move there with 3 kids … no heat , no hot water .

Please do something !

I’m calling people gas that are keep saying call the Revenue Assurance People Gas , I’m calling Recenue Assurance People Gas - nobody is answear !

Pls do something ! I can’t talk with somebody that Can actually solve the situation .

Nobody knows , niobody wants to help , nobody is doing his job here .

What should I do ? Call a layer ?

It’s almost winter … I can’t stay in cold !

Desired outcome: Gas service at 4929 w wolfram st , Chicago , 60641

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