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Peker Optik review: Credit card fraud

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I am writing to you regarding an incident that happened to me and another tourist travelling in Turkey this summer. I am requesting help in contacting the proper authorities and have an investigation against the merchant, Peker Optik in Kusadasi, Turkey. As he pulled a scam on me and another person travelling in our group, I am sure that he has done this to many other tourists visiting your country.

I purchased a pair of glass frames (NOT prescription glasses) and was quoted a price of $178 in American dollars. This price was quoted verbally several times and I have witnesses to attain this fact. I agreed to pay in 219 YTL turkey’s money but after I left the store and also the town, I later discovered that the merchant, Peker Optik failed to put a copy of the credit card receipt in the bag. When I checked my Citibank credit card statement, I saw that I was charged $1, 779.72 or an overcharge of $1, 600. I notified Citibank and they put the charge on hold and contacted the merchant. He provided them a copy of an invoice which he never showed or gave me and a copy of a credit card receipt with a signature for the fraudulent amount. I signed for 219YTL, NOT 2190.
I have been in contact with the distributor of these glasses in Turkey and they have verified that I was overcharged and the glass frames sell for $100 to $200 and also provided this to Citibank. Apparently this merchant knew that he did not give me any receipt, I would not be able to prove that I agreed to pay the $178.

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