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It should be taking off from Facebook.. I called PCH direct and They said that you don't have to pay for your winnings and what PCHlotto is a scam... PCHLOTTO said I had to pay $280 for shipping and handling to get My $10.000 and a BMW... PCH said I don't have to pay for anything and that they are a fraud and they will do and investigation. Don't play that Davey Saver PCH.. if someone calls you by Jamar Gidden don't answer cause He going to ask to send money through money gram through Loganville GA 30052 don't do it.. The number is [protected] don't answer it.. it's a big time scam..

Sharon DiMassa
Bensalem, US
Oct 15, 2022 6:52 pm EDT
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Just want you to know that I got a call the other day from a George Dixon saying I was one of two players that won $2.5 million dollars and a car and that the next day I would get a check and the car. (I knew it was a scam.) The next day comes and, of course, there was nothing there. My husband called this George Dixon and that’s when he said he needed a gift card in the amount of $399.38. Like I said we knew it was a scam, but you always hope. My husband told him to give it to someone else. His phone number is [protected] and he gave us another number 499us2k. I’m sure his phone has been shut off. He probably hacked into get information. Just wanted you to be aware.

Thank you

Sharon DiMassa