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Ozomedic Pharmaceuticals

Ozomedic Pharmaceuticals review: Fake company - offering jobs

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Ozomedic Pharmaceuticals is a FAKE COMPANY, another of one of the MILLIONS of scams from India!

They are offering JOBS at a very high rate of pay. DO NOT BE FOOLED!

1. They contact you via TEXTS. Claiming they are an "HR representative" that found your resume online, and have a job for you.

2. You are IMMEDIATELY connected to an "HR Hiring Manager" that gives you an instant interview ON A CHAT SITE! No phone calls, no online video meeting, but ONLY on a chat site!

3. They go through the entire fraud as if they are hiring you for a real job. But they make many mistakes, besides only doing this via texts and chat.

4. Their website is an obvious fraud, as it is missing a ton of information, not professionally done, and the locations listed don't exist, are empty buildings, or are different companies.

5. If you look up the names of their "HR Hiring Manager" or their corporate executives they have listed... They either do not exist, or they work for some other company.

Always research any company that offers you a job! Even ones that you know you have applied to! Make sure they are legitimate companies!

Another fake company I've come across lately is BeefCo. Another obvious fake site. As well as their "headquarter" location being in a residential area.

Make SURE you are doing your research on companies when applying for jobs! Even if you think you KNOW or have heard of the company before, many of these scammers and frauds will create copycat sites and fake jobs for their copycat company to get YOUR personal information!


Desired outcome: These people need to be found and exterminated.

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