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OptumRx Mail Service review: Prescriptions not being sent/ Dr. not being called! 1

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On November 17/18 of 2022, I was in the hospital from having a stroke! I was prescribed three medications, one of them being Aspirin EC 81. I have OPTUM RX as my pharmacy. They have LIED to me as to the fact that they contacted my physician to get my refill? I placed a ? as why does the physician have to approve the medication that I already got filled last month and already has 4 refills on the prescription? I called my physician to find out why it has taken a week to get back to Optum, and was told that Optum has NEVER even attempted to get a hold of them, so they did not even know about it. I have gone with out this medication almost a week now, and it looks like it will be even longer. This was prescribed to me to thin the blood, so I will not get a 2nd stroke. They did this with my blood pressure medication also at the beginning of November. I went without that until the stroke. Could that be the reason for the stroke? All I want is my medications! It would be easier to get heroin off the street, than to get my ASPIRIN that was prescribed to me by a doctor! I have called them numerous times, only to get berated and hung up on!

Desired outcome: I want my medications when I need them, not a month later. I want them to realize they are responsible for life and death when they mess around with getting it to the client.

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Sumita B.
, US
Jan 06, 2023 12:06 pm EST

My doctor's office has tried over and over again to send Optum RX (in Pine Brook, NJ) my new prescription but they claim they have not received it. I asked a month ago if I could just mail them a physical prescription from my doctor and was told by the agent I should not do that because all prescriptions must arrive from the doctor's office. But it has been a month and my doctor's office has tried repeatedly to fax it to them. They claim they don't have it. Yesterday I talked to a representative and she told me I could mail in the physical prescription. I am going to do that today but I am not at all sure it will reach the right place! What kind of business is this? They cannot accept a new prescription? What is wrong here? I have waited since December 1 for my meds. Today is Jan 6. What a horrible service!