Oliver PeoplesBad product, even worse customer service


I have long since been a fan of Oliver Peoples. However, I recently bought a pair of sunglasses from Eyetique in South Africa and have had a disastrous experience. The first set of sunglasses I bought the one arm fell off after a few months. I took the glasses back to the store and after quite some time had them replaced by a different colour pair [protected] Lada MBK). This was the first disappointment as I really liked the unusual matt gold of the first pair and it was replaced by a plain black pair. After another few months, the arm fell off this pair too!!! When I took the glasses back to the store they told me that there was in fact a design defect in this range and they had therefore been discontinued and that they could not replace them. This is, obviously, not good enough. I don�t expect to pay the price for a quality pair of glasses without receiving a quality product. If there is a recognised design defect in these glasses, they should be replaced with no questions asked. I am very disappointed with Oliver Peoples as a result of this.

What is worse, is that I wrote to their customer service department info AT oliverpeoples.com in this regard. After no response I wrote again. Still no response. I then wrote to their sales deaprtment thinking these people must at least read their mails. Still no response! In this global economy, it should make no difference where your customer is, they should still be looked after. And in this economic crisis, I can't believe any company would not want to ensure they keep their customers...

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