Nouveau Tech SocietyKeep wanting more


I thought this was the answer to my prayers.NOT.
They keep wantng more $ for more books.
I'm in bankruptcy and can't afford alot and sent in the money for the first one bad idea I see.
I really would love my money back.
If someone wants to help me get it back it would be great.


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    sharon Oct 27, 2008

    You obviously don't know a good thing when you see it... and its fine.. some people pass up diamonds because they think they're rocks. NTech is providing a vast phoenomenol ocean of knowledge to open and unlock your potential into a new world a new mindset. You are paying fractions of a price for printing alone (.10 x 1100 pages is roughly 1, 000). So its obvious the reason you were chosen is because they really saw you had potential.. but I guess you'll never find that out huh?? genius! Im on my second book and I am in a whole new realm of thinking.. I am approaching a photographic memory and becoming financially free and it hasn't even been two months yet! not to mention.. Im not even finished the book...

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    mtp Jan 26, 2009

    But obviously it hasn't helped Sharon's grammer...

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    shedhunter Mar 07, 2009

    Answer this please Sharon:
    I thought I was going to receive a 2500 year-old manuscript that was going to unlock secrets to me. What I have observed so far in the "manuscript" is a guide to a direct-mail campaign starting with the same or similar letter to what I received with subsequent mailing of books people purchase.
    Have you started this direct-mail campaign?
    Have you attended the meetings that they referred to?
    Was the second book you purchased something very different from the first?

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  • Ha
    happynCO Mar 26, 2009

    I am new to this site, and all I can say for now is that I have received both books, the manuscript and then following that, a secret entry into monthly meetings which cost about $30.00 per month. I did not go any further. Lets just say that these people want and will make money, any and every way possible. I have read some of the history and/or research behind Noveau Tech, alot of it is negative. At first when I was reading the packages, I thought to myself: "This stuff seems to be a little out there." And kind of off the wall too.

    One thing, however, which did catch my attention, was how some of the people on other consumer sites were saying how they were contacted by Neo-tech was that beforehand they had recently purchased a mailing list. I myself had done so the same. And now I can recall shortly after that receiving a letter from Neo-Tech. Personally from my experience, I do not regret purchasing the books. I was skeptical at first, and I will agree with another person's post when they said that if you send for these books, keep an open mind. It does include things in there about religon, God, government and all different kinds of topics that if you are not careful, or you are easily influenced can and will change you, for better or for worse. BE CAREFUL.

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  • An
    angela norman Jun 10, 2009

    I don't even know where that ### found my adress to sent me some kind of bull like that. At first when i read the letter i believed everything was true but theres one thing i was definitely not so quite so sure of, if God wanted something like that happens to me he would've make me work hard for it, not paying money for it, because God's miracle takes times and patients not by having some kind of ### sent you a letter bout how your where meant to live your life or how much millions of dollars you'll be having for the next few years, i was totally beliving on that crap i even bought the $ 139 book. But after i received that ### i've seen a lot of bull crap in there i didin't even finish read one page of it my head was already hurting so i put it away in my closset. After two weeks later they sent me another letter bout the final one that cost $ 99.50 i said ### that ### if i ever meet him i'll somehow would give him a piece of my mind. I don't believe that crap if God wanted me to read people's mind he would've made like that since the day i was born not some kind of big book that would make my mind go crazy for nothing. So am saying this to all the people out there who have recieved that letter, don't believe on that crap because God works takes times and a lot of patients his work wouldn't be that fast. And just keep that in mind "God'' has a surprise for everyone just wait till your turn and when your time is right...

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    fishinreno Jul 06, 2010

    I have to say I haven't had time to read all of the books I have purchased, but I have skimmed through some of the important information. I do agree with some of the information written in some of the books as it applies directly to my life, but there was a great deal of information, that was way out there and hard to swallow.

    When I received my first letter almost two years ago, my life was a mess. I had lost my job, my home to foreclosure, my car was repossessed, and shortly following, I went through divorce and child custody (Which I lost.) I was vulnerable, and I thought that letter was a "Sign." As ridiculous as that sounds, I talked myself into believing in that because it came at the lowest time of my life.

    Have I evert been invited to a single "Meeting"? No... I continue to receive letter-after-letter trying to convince me to pay for more books. Being unemployed for so long, and with the threat of unemployment running out, I gave up.

    I know I am a good person, smart, and capable of being sucessful. The books have some good points, and I don't regret them, but the Noveau Tech Society did not tell the truth about the "Secret Meetings" or mentoring me.

    In my letters, I was told the person writing me the letters was "A well known actor" and I was told I would be given a "Code" I would use for the "Secret Meeting" which never happened.

    I felt a little let-down after spending money I didn't have, but I can't stress about the past now.


    I am somewhat in-between. I have read several blogs concerning the Society being a SCAM. Whether that is true or not, that is up to individual opinion...

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  • Mr
    Mr_Cold Aug 04, 2010

    To be honest...I've gotten the exact same things all of you had and I too feel the same way. Like why would the say that this is the only book I'll ever need in life, but keep offering me more great books that I shouldn't be without. But to be honest I've had the book for months and never really read it just glanced at it. When recently I started really reading the book and taking head to the information it said...I really was like an up lifting moment in my life. I'm just a dude from the streets that though I'd do nothing but get in and out of trouble my whole life. Now I'm not making any kind of money yet from the teaching form the book but I feel a lot better to have the knowledge I never had before. I'm a very suicidal person and to be honest...I'd rather die than live unhappy. This book just gives me an extra avenue to try something different to better my self. I know I sound like a infomercial but I just fell like maybe I really can achieve something better in my life. I still ain't gonna buy anything extra from them though. I would if I could afford it though!!!

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    infinity3326 Oct 12, 2010

    I will agree with those of you who are for the Neo Tech...I have purchased the first book, and to say to the least I love it. I feel that alot of you who are not seeing the whole point or knowledge point behind it are blinded...It is a new way of thinking and it has helped me in many ways, to not only take charge of my life, as well to start standing up for myself...up until I got this book my life was in spinning tunnel, now with just the first book, I have 3 businesses that I have been building from ground up...I also I have a fiancee' 5 animals and a two story 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house...Those of you who haven't even purchased the book shouldn's even been making a disclaimer about something you dont even know about, second of all those of you who have purchased it and wanna knock it, did you actually try the things it gave you to do? My life is so well organized now and free'er to think for myself and make my own decisions a little better, oh and did I mention I am also getting my degree now! Im doing all of this at the same time, building 3 business's, taking classes online, attending to my fiancee, 3 cats, 2 dogs, working out everyday, and mainting things around the house inside and out...They promised you a new realm of knowledge to get your life on track and open your eyes, and thats what they gave you. Its not like religion where they the bible says there is only book you will ever need to read, or there is only one thing you need in your life and thats god...No it opens the truth up about life and helps you to see the actually physical things in life that are gonna get you to where you wanna go, and without being a menace to society but to actually benefit society...I stand by them 100% ! The bible is based off of mystical fabrications, the Neo-Tech is based off of reality and factual structures...Which do you prefer to believe in the mystical Unicorn, or the actual unicorn, there is an actual horse that grows a horn, but it has been turned into this fabricated mystical creature to distort your perception of reality. What do you think the bible is? You wanna live your life off of dreams, or do you wanna make your dreams reality...

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  • Vi
    Villiam Jan 21, 2011

    This information has also changed my life for the best. I found "The Neo-Tech Discovery" at a thrift store. It was the best purchase I have ever made.

    I see a ton of people complaining who never took the time to read the book, page by page, in it's entirety (like you would with any other book). That's just not right. It is borderline defamation, and it makes me wonder who is actually posting this garbage.

    The information does the opposite of what people are claiming. It removes the confusion, and promotes HONESTY to the fullest degree. Before this information, my life was headed in a bad direction. After reading the material, I feel a deep love for all conscious life, and would never do anything to harm anyone or myself. I now have a very strong moral foundation, and realize there is no goal I can't accomplish (whats wrong with that?). I now have real tools, instead of my life being guided by some supernatural power.

    Please read the post I have already made explaining in more detail (before you comment)..

    Thank You!

    Take Care!

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    walterJackson 6511 Jul 31, 2015

    100% IQ test

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