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A Aug 13, 2018

On March 8, 2018 Attack Motors place an order with Ningbo Dukada Locomotive Industry, LTD. ("Dykon") for 107 JK50QT-A scooters. This order was invoiced under order number JKFL18-01 ("Order"). Per the terms of the Order, Attack Motors made the 30% deposit to start production on the Order on March 8th, via a wire transfer to the bank account provided in the Order. The wire transfer has the following reference number [protected]. This deposit for $11235.00 should have commenced the production of the 107 units ordered, and the units should have been shipped within 30 days of March 8th. This has sadly not occurred.
It has now been over 4 months since the deposit was made, and production has not begun, and there appears to be no estimate as to when the units purchased will be shipped and released at the Port of Miami as agreed to in the Order. It is my understanding that the Dykon has had issues with other orders being shipped to the United States, which has affected my order, but any issues Dykon has had with other customers or internally are not my concern. As of a three months ago, Dykon has been in breach of our agreement, and as such I request that my deposit be refunded to me immediately as this agreement can no longer continue.
In an effort to expediate the refund process, and because I am aware of the difficulties which can arise in China when trying to export U.S. Dollars, I request that the refunded deposit, totaling $11235.00 be immediately wire transferred to another supplier in China

Part of our Letter send on July 30.
Chinese Owner Rep
Western Name: Ritchie
Chinese Name: Sang Liming


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