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I am quitting newports. They have changed them completely.They are making me physically ill and ive smoked them for years. The filte is differerent and the taste is horrible. Sick to my stomach, burning throat.Headache and gives a cough . What happened? Everyone i know smokes newport and agree. Everyone is switching brands. Wow they are putting themseves out of business.

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, US
May 31, 2016 8:16 pm EDT

Dexter and collingwood gastation in Detroit Michigan REGULARLY sells super stale cigarettes with Rude smug attitudes and has now tagged on 30 cent to the $7 price. ... They will not refund and eagerly seek argument when it is even discussed. (the government needs to snatch license of stations and stores who INTENTIALLY sell stale cigarettes) consumers have RIGHTS. And businesses selling high priced stale priducts should have PENALTIES.

, US
Nov 01, 2015 12:19 pm EST

I agree with you. The taste is incredibly different. I asked a friend for one and was very surprised. Tasted awful. not only that, but the whole thing (she smokes the 100's) smoked up very fast. Seemed I had just lit it and it was down to the filter. I don't know if all that company's product is being changed, or what...but the taste is pretty bad.