I would like to start a complaint on New World Accommodation located at 1 Royal College Street in Camden, London. I am an international student visiting London for a short course and I found New World Accommodation through I contacted them, they showed me couple of pictures of a few flats, which looked really nice and clean. Since I had no way to arrange for a viewing, I trusted the agent cause she was really nice.
I paid the 2 weeks deposit through credit card and transferred the remaining amount of money for the duration of my stay (they said that i would have to pay in full prior to my first day of stay.) Also, since i arrived on a Saturday night, my agent had to ask me for an extra 50 pounds on top of the 150 pounds on the contract. This kind of frustrates me a little, but since my agent was nice to me, I just gave it to her.

Well, upon my arrival in the flat, I was completely disappointed with my room and the condition of the flat! It was not cleaned properly, dirty carpets with lots of stains on it, lots of hairs on the carpets and floors, cheap single mattress, pillows which turned yellow already plus the seems used bedsheets, blankets and pillow covers. And the price for the rent don't come cheap. It's 3 bedrooms flat with only 1 bathroom and it's for 240/wk. Maybe you could justify that because of the location, it's at Edgware Road, zone 1, BUT a few days in London, I have managed to contact other agents whom have shown me flats in zone 1 as well with MUCH MUCH better quality for around 265-285/wk and I'm talking about a studio en suite (meaning bathroom inside) and you do not have to share it with anyone else!

SO, on the fourth day I am in London, I brought into my agent's attention that I would like to ask for a transfer to a better place OR a refund of my money (this means the money i transferred previously which amounts up to 1980pounds). I told them that they could keep my 2 weeks deposit which I have paid through credit card (i mean, surely enough, they could find my replacement in about a week time). I even told them to just refund my money minus whatever cancellation fine they got in there, and I thought I was reasonable enough. And just so you all know, the contract has a "break clause" which states "If the tenant decides to end the contract before the agreed date, the deposit will not be reimbursed to the extent where this is required to cover the losses arising from the unexplored period of the contracted term". For me, this means that NWA should be able to refund my money, while keeping my deposits.

Till now, I have talked and argued with them over the phone and emails a couple of time and I AM SO TIRED of it! I talked to Andrew, their lawyer apparently, and also Ventura who is their general manager. The guy named Ventura was especially rude to me, he actually shouted over the telephone while me still being their client! He insisted that I had already read the terms and agreement and signed the contract and he did not want to hear anything about a refund. He did not even want to try to hear or understand my situation and that was seriously unprofessional!

OH, and my agent actually tried to move me to another flat, it's a studio at 500/wk and guess what, if i agree, then i'd need to set up my water and electricity and wireless internet as they are not included. I am not giving them anymore money! And that was why I decided to ask for a refund cause they couldn't find a flat that match my needs! But now, I just couldn't be bothered anymore cause it's seriously draining my emotions and energy!

Right now, I can't do anything much but spread the words about their unprofessionalism and their seriously disappointing manners in handling this situation. I hope other people especially those who came from overseas, who did not have a chance to arrange for viewings to not fall for their craps and traps. Just spend a little more money staying at a hostel or at somebody u know first and when you have arrived in London, arrange for a viewings, read through the contracts, ask for detailed explanation on the "break clause" and dont let these guys fool you and spoil your stay here! Basically find an agent recommended by friends.

In my opinion, NWA does not care about the satisfaction of their customers/tenants as long as they have received the money. They only care about your money and not your experience, even if this means breaking whatever's in the contract. OH, just one more thing, when I told my agent about this "break clause", she said that I must've misunderstood what it means. I've had enough with them. Definitely not giving them anymore money. JUST BE CAREFUL!!! (There is a thread at about NWA complaints as well. i should've checked that thread out before paying them in fulll argh!!!) Oh, and I will continue to spread the words about them and none of them would be good.


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    Boulgom Sep 25, 2012

    I have to completely agree with the above post. I had a very similar experience with NWA with regards to my room which I rented through them. Like ydn, I had to find accommodation rather quickly from overseas, so I placed a lot of trust on the agent to do the right thing. I arrived from a long flight on a Sunday and was made to pay an extra £50 on top of the £150 admin fee. For that £200, I was shown a room that wasn't properly cleaned - it was smelly with hair on the carpet and a mouldy shower curtain. The agent then left with my front door and mailbox keys. As I was in student halls of accommodation, I was luckily able to have a duplicate made quite quickly for my room, but not for the mail box, which took NWA another 4-5 days to return to me. This is just the start of it. The rest of it is frustratingly boring and infuriating for me, and only if you want the details, get in touch through this site and I will elaborate.

    My biggest concern for anyone, especially students, who take up with NWA is their deposit money. Unless you want to spend much of your precious study time chasing them for things like whether they have registered with the Deposit Protection Scheme - since they will charge you £50 to do so but won't - you are better off going to a reputable agent that has been recommended by your University or other authorities. The contract you sign with them is only effective to a certain point but truthfully, they know as well as you do that you are not going to risk the cost of an expensive law suit to reclaim several hundred pounds. It doesn't matter that things are stated in the contract. Somehow, their staff seem to be comfortable with deducting random sums of money from my deposit. There's been no invoices or receipts issued for these deductions so I can only assume that it has indeed gone to NWA and not to the staff themselves.

    Once you hand over your money, they have the upper hand. It is easier to extract blood from a stone than get your money back from NWA. Therefore it is easier to avoid all this completely. Take it from someone who has been there.

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  • Na
    nando12 Nov 21, 2012

    I was a client of the new world accommodation and they were great whit me I pay my rent on time and comply whit my duty and my deposit was refund in full

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  • Tr
    Trebor13 Feb 25, 2013

    Landlords: beware of New World Accommodation (NWA) too

    There are a number of tenant reviews on NWA on various forums but I rented a property out through NWA and I really wish I hadn’t. The key issues I have faced:

    1. NWA collected rent from the tenants but didn’t, and still haven’t, passed that rental income on to me.
    2. I am finding it extremely difficult to recover the rental income that is owed to me by NWA. I have contacted the Property Ombudsman but they have very little power.
    3. In addition NWA placed a number of students in my property without my knowledge.

    Please think again before using NWA to rent your property. It’s definitely not just tenants that NWA are mistreating – it’s landlords too.

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  • Tr
    Trebor13 Sep 03, 2013

    Please note the Director/owner of The New World Accommodation (1 Royal College Street NW1) is also associated with these businesses:

    1. NWA London Limited
    Letting agent on Pratt Street, Camden

    2. NWA international Consulting Group Limited
    Letting agent, property sales & management at 1 Royal College Street, NW1

    Hotels, hostels, flatshare bookings

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  • Tr
    Trebor13 Oct 16, 2013

    BEWARE - Just to let you all know The New World Accommodation (NWA) went into administration at the end of August 2013 owing a lot of money to landlords (NWA collected rent from tenants but never passed it onto landlords), tenants (most never got all or part of their deposits back) and a lot of other organisations.

    The CEO of NWA, Giuseppe Ventura, set up a brand new company called Lock Lettings and Property Management in September 2013 (Giuseppe is Director), so looks like he is starting a new company doing the same thing as The New World Accommodation.

    In addition his wife, Marian Ventura (or Marian Yamile Barrios Walteros - her maiden name) also set up a company in September 2013 called Lock Lettings where she is Director. Another company that looks like it will be doing something similar to NWA.

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  • Tr
    Trebor13 Jan 26, 2014

    Lock Property Management has opened on Kentish Town Road. Giuseppe Ventura of New World Accommodation (NWA) is behind this estate agent. For convenience his wife Marian Ventura (or Marian Yamile Barrios Walteros - her maiden name) is Director. The previous registered address for this Property Management was NWA, 21 Pratt Street, Camden NW1.

    Beware of Lock Property Management and Giuseppe Ventura. There are a lot of complaints from tenants and landlords about him - he was Director of The New World Accommodation when it went into administration owing over £1m. A lot of tenants and landlords lost money when The New World Accommodation went into administration. However Giuseppe Ventura and his family are still managing to live in a rented house that is costing £5, 500 per month in north London.

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  • Vi
    Victim ex tenant Apr 29, 2014

    I too was unfortunate enough to rent from Giuseppe Ventura. He is just a thief. Nothing more. And a liar. He keeps people's deposits even though he is not allowed and then refuses to return them. What bothered me the most is that he wasted my time for two months with his silly excuses. At the end of the contract he emailed saying the check out went fine and that I should be receiving the deposit within 14 days. Nothing happened. After one month I went to his new office demanding the deposit. He said the council tax final bill is missing. I provided that within 2 days. Nothing happened. Two more weeks pass and half of the money is transferred. They are accompanied by in unprofessional email sent by a woman from another one of Ventura's agencies, saying just that the rest of the money will be transferred the following week. I had to do some research to find out who she is and what her connection is to the story. I still don't know what she wants. She failed to mention that in the email. Another week passes. So what? Still nothing happened. I call Ventura and I ask how come the independent found where he supposedly leaves all the deposits, only returns half of mine and then promises the other half sometime the following week? And then sends emails written by someone who never worked in an office to inform me of this fact? All he said was "Listen, lady, I don't have time for this. This seems reasonable explanation to me. If you don't like it, sue me". Where is the explanation??? I fail to see it! Same afternoon I receive another email from the same woman with no obvious skills in writhing emails saying that she apologises, but like she mentioned in the previous email, she will make the transfer this week.
    I have no idea about the outcome of the story, but I do know that YOU SHOULD STAY AWAY FROM NEW WORLD ACCOMMODATION!

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  • Sa
    Sara Siddiqi May 19, 2014

    Hi All, I have contacted you on a private message regarding some research. Please get in touch with me on [email protected] Trebor and Victim Ex Tenant I am not sure if my message went through to you but I would really appreciate if you could let me know
    Thank you very much and hope to hear from you soon


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  • Jo
    josicily May 20, 2014

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  • Jo
    josicily May 20, 2014

    all this complain are from peoples that unfortunately are into a situation whit a company that legally went into CVA ( voluntary agreement) and the clearly fail to submit according to the law, because unfortunately nobody is above the law
    but mediatic attack the ex director personally they just commit an abuse and private violence the FYI the director responsability is only to act according to the CVA

    I do not understand how a website like this can allow a bunch of loser to leave a rude and unlawful reviews on a person when they got somenting whit a company whit

    this is the true about the new world accommodation documentate and easy access in paper from CVA receiver gibson hewitt
    all deposit was refund to all ex tenants in instalment in some occasion or whit a delay of a month or max 2 but the realty is that nobody been charge one penny from the deposit and in a time frame all the deposit where refunds ( in in many occasion ex tenants where not even entitle for a refund as they left properties in a disgusting way but that is an other story)

    regarding the landlords all of the landlord been paid according to the CVA all of them where ask to novate whit a new-co in order to recover the outstanding a meeting was appointed on the receiver and many landlord vote on favor of the CVA 98%
    the cva was agreed and the director it clean as they agreed that he was acting on the interest of all creditor
    people who refuse to novate they had the property back in full and final settlement ( this is what they agreed) all the others had one year free commision calculate at 10% plus 1000 per property novate to the new company

    the problem here is that the human stupidity is endless peoples thing that people whit problems are bad peoples what this is not the case the new world accommodation was a company that for almost 10 Years feed more than 200 employers and pay tax to the uk and carried a spectacular business unfortunately thing goes on the wrong direction and company suffer the crisis and that is the result of the all situation.
    but one thing I do wanna make clear we are always here to face our problem you point your finger on us I will like to give you a piece of advice lock into your life before judge people and do not hide on this website insulting peoples do like me face your problems and there is always a solution if you do the right thing be nice to peoples and you will get a result quicker act on this way and you will only get nothing a review on a website like this that will not do nothing to me than just confirm how stupid peoples are increase on this planet
    the director of the new world accommodation Mr Ventura

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  • Tr
    Trebor13 Mar 18, 2015

    Just to let you all know Giuseppe Ventura has turned up again with G M Estates - a lettings and estate agent based at 21 Pratt Street, London NW1. 21 Pratt Street was the location for NWA or New World Accommodation. He owns 50% of G M Estates. So beware of G M Estates.

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  • Tr
    Trebor13 Mar 05, 2016

    Hello, Giuseppe Ventura has more lettings and estate agent businesses - and Carter & Co International Real Estate. seems to be targeting overseas students - exactly the same as NWA (New World Accommodation) did. There are lots of reports above about how badly renters of NWA were treated. Carter & Co International Real Estates used to be called Lock Lettings, Lock Lettings was run by Giuseppe Ventura. Again there were negative reports about Lock Lettings. Please be careful when dealing with either of these companies if you are looking to rent, buy or also if you are a landlord.

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  • Ta
    tamecookie Mar 21, 2016

    I was unlucky enough to rent a flat from New World Accommodation in 2012-2013 and they were the most dishonest rude letting agents I have ever come across. Similarly to countless other tenants we never got the deposit back, due to the pretext that we hadn't paid the council tax (we had paid and provided proof of payment). We dealt with Giuseppe and others who shouted at us, were incredibly rude and pretended like the money was being kept by the landlord (from other comments it seems pretty clear they just kept it to themselves). I wasted two months of my life trying to argue with them and get the money back, was never able to and consider myself simply lucky to have ended that contract and to never have to deal with them again. BEWARE new world accommodation do not rent with them!

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  • Te
    Tenant Union Mar 29, 2016

    WARNING TO TENANTS OF ‘New World Accommodation’*

    These Estate Agents are criminal!

    • Illegal evictions
    • Harassment
    • Breach of contract
    • Sham contracts
    • Cutting off gas & electricity
    • Failing to pass on rent to landlords



    Email: [email protected]

    *Also known as ‘Lock Property Group’, ‘GM Estate Agents, Carter & Co International Real Estate’, ‘YooRoom’, Studios92

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  • Tc
    TClondon May 07, 2016

    Hi, I am a landlord and I have rented a flat to Carter & Co. I have to completely agree with all of the negative comments that have been posted about them.

    They are some of the most untrustworthy people that I have ever dealt with.

    In terms of making payments on time, forget about it - they'll break their promises to pay by a certain time at least three times before you can even start thinking about receiving the payment.

    I have been on the phone to one of their associates (an Italian chap name Joseph), and he also started yelling at me over the phone, despite the fact that they were late on the rent! The experience was rather surreal.

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