Resolved Nehaflix (Sells Indian DVDs and CDs)Not responding after I returned 2 defective DVDs under Return Authorization Number

I bought 5 Indian movie DVDs from them. Two of them were totally defective. I e-mailed them to say the nature of defects and I wanted to return them for credit card refund or substitute DVDs of same value. They promptly sent me a Return Authorization Number ([protected]) and an address (quoted above) for returning. Their e-mail was dated Feb. 2, 2010. I returned the items to them by First Class mail (U.S. P.S.) on the same day. I am still holding the postal receipt. Not hearing from them in 8 days (postal mail takes 2 days to go from Cambridge, MA to Newark, DE), I gave them an e-mail reminder on Feb. 10, 2010. I have still not heard anything from them till tonight (Feb 17).

A similar thing had happened in the past. I had a store credit from them for a returned DVD. I wanted them to adjust the store credit with my current order which they did not do. Then when I blasted them by e-mail, they gave me a credit card refund for the amount.

This is a dishonest business. Their business practices are less than clean. I want Yahoo Small Business to take remedial action, and save customers like me from losing money to them. I shall never agian do any business with them


Silabhadra Sen
A Very Dissatisfied Customer


  • So
    SoniaS75 May 11, 2010

    I've been dealing with for 6 years now. To be honest I have had some bad DVDs but it is mainly the manufacturer's fault since they were defective to begin with. Nehaflix has replaced them in a turn around time of 5-10 business days from the time I mail them.

    The guy above hasn't considered the fact that US mail may have lost the package which is not their fault. US mail lost my return DVD. I contact Nehaflix and they said they didn't receive it. I thought it shouldn't take that long for package being mailed from New Jersey. Nehaflix gives 30 days for a package is not received... If it’s not received in 30 days they consider it lost in the mail. Nehaflix contacted me after 30 days if I received the package or not and mailed out the replacement. Two months later, I received my initial return DVD going to Nehaflix back from the post office. My package had tire marks as though it may have been ran over.

    You can't find a more reliable and ethical Indian DVD company on the web today. I would definitely recommend to others.

    Happy customer,

    Sonia S
    [email protected]

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  • Lo
    lolobridge Jul 01, 2011

    Does anyone know what happened to I can't open their website.

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