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CB Automotive and Vehicles Review of Neco Engines
Neco Engines

Neco Engines review: Dishonest and disrespectful company! 1

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Neco Engines, Woburn MA. Nation wide company, yet the Woburn store has closed since the work was done. This company was payed in full to put a factory rebuilt motor, in my car. They charged for a rebuilt factory engine, and many other parts which were never even replaced, (causing me to spend lot's of additional money, for unneeded parts,and labor, guessing why it ran funny?) and trying to get the car to run smooth, my mechanic feels as they never even replaced my original motor, from his experience. I took them to small claims court, and won my case, they never even showed up. Nor have they paid my a dime, it's been over 1 1/2 years, since the court ordered them to pay. I would never do business with this shady company, nor would I send anyone to them. I even called there 1 (800) number [protected], and I went to there web sight yet the customer service people said they don't have a home address? or will not give that information out? I have never heard of a legit company that will not give a customer there home office address! They were even rude, this company is not respectful, honest, they charge for work they have not done, and don't care about there customers. They will do anything to take your money, but if they get caught, in a lie, they will not pay back there debt's.

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lynnt 69
chaplin, US
Mar 09, 2009 12:51 pm EDT

neco engines replaced my motor now after 40, 000 mile s burning oil 3 quarts a week and quesss what can not find them numbers do not work!

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