[Resolved] NatuliqueDishonest ingredients and false marketing claims


I seriously cannot begin to believe how companies like Natulique are allowed to blatantly lie about the ingredients in their "organic hair colors." Since more and more hair dye allergies are landing people in the hospital, this really should NOT be taken lightly. Consider this your WAKE UP CALL, as I did mine.

As an organic beauty expert and holistic health coach I live a beyond healthy lifestyle and really do more research before buying any type of health or beauty product labeled organic or natural. I also have a very bad PPD allergy and have yet to find a hair dye brand that can cover my stubborn grey hairs without causing an all out itchy, scabby episode on my scalp.

That's when I found my hair stylist and Natulique. She told me they were "certified organic" and did not contain PPDs or Resorcinol. That should have been my first clue that I was being misled. Hair dye cannot be certified organic. It can have certified organic ingredients but not actually be fully organic or it would expire within days of purchasing.

But I digress... my real issue here is with the blatant misleading advertising from Natulique. My stylist showed me their swatch book which read "free from PPDs, Resorcinol, Ammonia and Parabens."

I did not actually think a company would include the very ingredients they claimed to exclude. That would be dangerous right? Misleading? Well within the first 12 hours of having the hair dye on my head my scalp broke out in a horredenous rash and my eyes were swollen so far in my head. What could it be? I called by stylist... she pointed out it could be something natural I reacted to. This was by far the worst reaction I have ever had to any hair dye in a box or salon. I went to my doctor who ran intensive blood tests..

Well as it turns out ladies and gentlemen Natulique DOES contain ppds and resorcinol!

I called my hair stylist up and told her exactly what the tests said. She called Natulique... and you won't believe what actually happened next...

They ADMITTED that their swatch book was misleading. They said their color does contain ppds and resorcinol but in small amounts so they were allowed to call themseleves ppd free. What kind of asinine is that?! Food companies have to disclose if their food is made in the same factory as nuts, why would a hair color company not admit that known allergen was in their color?

Who regulates this stuff? No one it turns out. And this isn't the first time Natulique has been caught with their pants down. According to Advertising Standards Authority, UK's independent regulator for advertising, they had sanctioned Natulique previously for you guessed it... Misleading Advertising!

This complaint is to warn people of Natulique's history of misleading advertising. My hopeful resolution is that they will change their materials and claims to actually be honest as others do not need to suffer as I have.

Dishonest ingredients and false marketing claims

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