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Today, July 9, 2013 I received a 2nd and FINAL NOTICE GREEN POST CARD from the above company that I have been selected for credit card hardship program. Benefit ID#[protected]. I am appalled that this company and a few others send out that PRIVATE information on a public notice!! I want to know where they got that info from. I am assuming they had to look into my credit score for solititation purposes.

The information on this post card has my name, address, ID#, amount of possible debt, and possible payment amount! As a single female, I wish that information to remain private for safety issues!!!

I WANT this and all other communication from this company to stop immediately! I also want them to cease and desist looking at my credit score for any type of solicitation and all communication to cease and desist as well, which I believe is against the Fair Debt Collectors Act.


Karen L Smith


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    th!sman Jul 12, 2013

    Google your name, you will be surprised how much private info is freely available publicly thanx to the likes of

    I am at loss what one can do. Perhaps you can send them your C&D by CMRRR.

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    Fermentedcakes Oct 18, 2013

    I have received a postcard like this as well. Also from National Settlement Services. The card has my name and address on there, that's it. Unless i'm incorrect which i know im not, your name and address is not personal information. What's next you're going to complain about getting a pizza letter in the mail just because it has your name and address. I am curious to see what this postcard looks like. Im sure its the same mine is. I can upload a picture if you would like. And as far as the company is concerned, my brother in law enrolled in them after i told him about it and he couldn't be happier. Don't be so quick to bash a companies name before knowing more about them. This company is actually helping people who are effected by this ### economy and ### government today. Its organizations like this that are helping this country get back on track.

    If you have concerns, give this company a call. They are all super nice and helpful. Voice your concern with them and maybe you can get the answer u need.

    PS: As to wondering how they may have gotten your name and address, you might want to ask your creditors about their recent selling off of your information. Nice huh.

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