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Music Biz Center ty cohen review: non refund

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3:07 pm EST
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
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does not give 100%refund as promised
ignores emails(10)
tries to take extra visa payments
all talk
false sites cannot enter
offers that dont arrive even after several emails from different people


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Aug 19, 2018 2:45 pm EDT


Apr 22, 2017 1:15 am EDT
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Well, you sure do like to spam the hell out of people though. That in of itself shows what kind of sleeze operation you have. A valid business has no need to continue sending unwanted spammed messages night after night

Jun 05, 2011 2:28 am EDT

This guy is a scammer...plain and simple. He makes himself out to be a music "mogul". What bands are currently signed to his "record label"?

Feb 22, 2009 4:05 pm EST

A Note from Ty Cohen

As the official “Voice” of Platinum Millennium Publishing, I would like to clarify some of the statements that are being made on this site about me and/or Platinum Millennium Publishing.

To begin with, only two of the reports that you see here are from actual customers, the others have been devilishly written by competitors or someone simply attempting to discredit all of the help and assistance that we have provide to individuals such as yourself over the years.

Unfortunately, the way this site is set up, “Anyone” can simply post something negative and untrue about you, without it being fact. The site is not regulated in a way where they verify if the person who is leaving the post is an actual customer of the company that they are “Reporting” or not.

Secondly, we are not in the business of scamming or ripping people off, we have worked with both customers that have filed complaints, in “Every Possible” way to make sure that he/she is totally pleased.

In fact, if you are a customer who needs assistance in any way, I encourage you to give us a call, Toll Free at [protected] or email us at Support and we will promptly make sure that you are 200% satisfied!

Our company motto is an old fashioned on that simply states that “The Customer is Always Right”, but in some instances, even when you do all that you can, you will still have a few instances of either miscommunication, not enough time being allowed by the customer for an order to arrive or refund to be processed or other “things” that can cause problems.

With that said, our goal is to make sure that your experience with our company is as flawless and rewarding as possible. It is YOU the customer that allows our doors to remain open for business, it is YOU the customer that puts food in the mouths of our families, so it is YOU the customer that we will provide the best online shopping experience to : )

We have had tens of thousands of customers over the years and less than a handful of complaints. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not justifying having any complaints, I am simply stating that in business, as in life, you will not be able to satisfy EVERYONE. When you have been in business as long as we have, have had as many customers as we have, to have tens of thousands of customers and less than a handful of complaints is a challenge as well as a blessing.

In fact, if you take a look on this site and type in the names of some of the world’s most respected, most well known companies, you’ll see that some of them also have complaints written against them.

Take a look; you’ll see complaints against companies such as;

/URL removed/?q5=sears&Search=Search&q1=ALL&q4=&q6=&q3=&q2=&q7=&searchtype=0&submit2=Search%21

Best Buy
/URL removed/?q5=best+buy&Search=Search&q1=ALL&q4=&q6=&q3=&q2=&q7=&searchtype=0&submit2=Search%21

Microsoft (yes Microsoft!):
/URL removed/?q5=Microsoft&Search=Search&q1=ALL&q4=&q6=&q3=&q2=&q7=&searchtype=0&submit2=Search%21

Exxon Gas:
/URL removed/?q5=exxon&q1=ALL&q4=&q6=&q3=&q2=&q7=&searchtype=0&submit2=Search%21

Citi Bank: /URL removed/?q5=citibank&q1=ALL&q4=&q6=&q3=&q2=&q7=&searchtype=0&submit2=Search%21

and thousands of others.

In fact, you’ll be surprised to see that if you type in the name of this site “[redacted]”, that they even have complaints filed against them. You’ll even see complaints against people like President Bush, and President Obama and others that you would never guess to see on here.

I point this out to show you that, just because you see a complaint here or there does not mean that our company is not worth doing business with, nor does it indicate that you will not receive your product, service or even your money back if that is what you where after eventually.

When it comes to providing top notch music business resources that you can bank on, We Are the #1 Company Online to go to and when you are #1, you will have a lot of competition and a lot of people who will want to see your success come to an end, even if it means that they have to maliciously post lies about you all over the Internet. The music business can be a dirty game, especially when there is lots of money involved and luckily you, like the thousands of other customers that we have are smart enough to know this.

We have had tens of thousands of customers over the years and have always gone out of our way to make *Every* *Single* *Customer* feel special, and to do this;

a- We have always made all of our contact information, including our mailing address, email address, fax number and phone numbers public and available to anyone who wishes to contact us, be it to simply ask a question or to simply place an order.

If you would like to call us, that number is [protected] or email us at Support I also invite anyone of the individuals who have written reports here to call us if you feel that you have a situation that has not been resolved properly.

Our hours of operation are 10PM to 6PM Monday – Friday Eastern time. Feel free to give us a call or simply send us an email.

b- We have always responded to questions in a timely manner (But because on some days we can easily receive thousands of emails and phone calls, we simply ask that you give us 12 to 48 hours to respond, but you’ll be happy to know that most questions are answered sooner then that)

c- We have always shipped orders in a speedy manner to ensure that our customers are happy. In fact, we always tell our customers within the U.S. that it can take anywhere from 5 to 10 business days for your order to arrive and if you are an International customer, it can take 10 to 14 business days.

If you are ordering one of our instant download products, just as the name implies, once you place your order, you will get almost instant access to it and will receive an email link from us usually within 10 to 20 minutes of your order being placed. (Be sure to check both your inbox and your spam folder and add us to your “safe to receive email from list”)

d- We have always stood by all of our products and services with a full 100% money back guarantee or product exchange, depending on the product / service.

e- We always issue refunds in a timely manner. Now as a side note, although we issue refunds within a 24 hour period of the customer asking for one, it can sometimes take your bank several days to show the refund within your account. (This is completely beyond our control, as each bank’s refund process is different, but if you have a problem with them, let us know and we’ll straighten them out for you : )

f- We have always made all of our contact information 100% available to you the customer on the majority of our websites; this is something that you won’t find with most of our competitors, or most companies that do business online, go ahead check and see …

In fact, as large as is, they don’t even list their phone # on their website, yet we do... And the reason that we do is because we care about YOU the customer, we care about YOUR success, we care about YOUR needs, YOUR wants and YOUR desires.

The more satisfied and successful you are, the more successful we will be, because we know that if you are happy with our service and products that you’ll tell others, some of whom will eventually become our customers also.

g- We have always received the majority of our business, our sales from “Word of Mouth” referrals, which basically happens when someone purchases something from us, is happy with the product as well as the experience and tells others about how great our service is.

h- When you call us, you get the chance to speak to a real live human that actually cares about you, that is how business should be conducted, it’s the old fashioned principle of honesty, a principle that our company Platinum Millennium Publishing is built on.

In closing, I would like to say that unfortunately we live in a society that can be very cruel and manipulative at times, even to a company that has helped as many musicians, artist and music industry folks as ours has.

As I mentioned at the being of this post, some of the reports that you see on this site are totally, without a doubt, 100% fake and have been created by competitors and others simply to try and “Steal” you the customer away from us. Some people are smart enough to see this, some are not, just be sure that YOU do not fall for this very old trick! Think of the last time someone said something untrue or dishonest about you, how did it make you feel, how badly did you want to clear your name up? This is the very same situation that we have been placed in, and will do everything in our power to make sure that decent, honest people such as yourself remain our loyal customers, subscribers and friends.

Now I want you to picture what it is that you most need help with, and how our resources can potentially help you to achieve that goal.

What is the first thing that you would do, once you are successful?
What is the first thing that you would buy?
Where is the first place that you would visit?

Give us a try and you’ll see that we can help you to get there.

All that I ask is that you decide for yourself if you should do business with us. Give us a call at [protected] or email us at Support talk to us, ask us questions, feel us, touch us, we are here to help YOU to become more successful…

Visit some of our websites:

Visit our blog;

Visit our free online music community site:

Subscribe to our Free Music Industry Success Podcasts and Radio Show:

Visit (and ADD) us on Twitter:

I promise you that you will not be disappointed and as with most of our customers, you will continue to use our products and services for years and years to come.

I can say this with so much conviction, simply because we are the best source for music business resources available anywhere… PERIOD!

Then if you are still uncertain, ask your peers, ask people that you can get “genuine” feedback from, don’t take the word of someone who is a complete stranger, as I said before, this site is very open and anyone can post untruths. Take a look at some of the customer testimonials that are posted below. These are from “Real” people, who are our customers. In some cases you may be able to contact some of these individuals, if you can ask them about us, at least these will provide you with the truth. You work hard for your money and you deserve to get nothing but the best service, products and results in return.

Lastly, take a look at some of the “Thousands”… Yes Thousands of testimonials, feedback and comments that we have received from thousands and thousands of satisfied customers all over the world, some who have spent as little as $1.00 with us, all the way up to $6000.00 or more over the years.

The proof of how great of a company we are is in the pudding, take a look at just a few of the 22, 000 (YES Twenty THOUSAND +) testimonials that we have received over the years from customers all over the world below and then visit one of our sites or give us a call to place your order : 0 I want YOUR testimonial to be the next one that I’m showing off!

Take a look at just a *Fraction* of the *Thousands* and *Thousands* of extremely positive testimonials that we have received over the years from some of our many satisfied customers.
These are *Real* people, real musicians, artist and others.. Visit their websites, their myspaces pages, their social network profiles and support them… Then visit our many sites and start enjoying the success that you right fully deserve : )

Ty Cohen
Your Music Biz Coach!

Johnny Sprang The Vagabond Boys
A great source of information for any and all indie artists. This product will keep you from making stupid or costly mistakes on My Space. If you care about your music and how you present it and how you look to the rest of the world, then this is a must read.

Great Info as always, thanks Ty

Sheri Peterson,
I do not have the Industry Yellow Pages, but I did just purchase the Gigging For Dollars book and it looks great! I've only had the chance to just browse through it (just purchased it a few minutes ago) and it looks to be filled with great information and I can't wait to start putting it into use. Thanks Ty!

Dserv BeatDownRecords

I love this Info! Thanks ty

Joy Starr
Awesome! Great product very helpful!

Joy Star
I thought the EZ Record Deal was invaluable. It gave me alot of very important information that will help me secure a record deal for the artist I work with. Excellent product.

Chad Edl (MC NAME) HighC
I Thank You so much for the help you have given me on the proper way to fill out a copyright form & all of the information on the music business it was really helpful.

Mr Singh Florida
Great package does everything I wanted it to do!

Kip Kent
After reading Myspace Magic which is full of excellent advise and tips, I was up and running on myspace within a short while. Being kind of a low tech guy and some what "jaded" about the music biz, I found Ty's advise to be extremely helpful. Already getting friend requests and a couple hundred listens. Looks like this is going to work out GREAT! Ty Cohen thanks for your fantastic work. Much appreciated

LaDy of Da Move~Mint
It has been a pleasure doing business with Mr. Cohen. I have often wondered if there was a source that would help with the establishment of my business within the music business.

Paul Divaldi.
So far the information seems positive. There is some good knowledge there. Now I need to put it to work and we shall see what happens. I am hoping for some great results.

haven’t opened the course yet but I am excited about the opportunity

Carltez Linsey. .
What's up! This TEZ, checking in from Moscow, Tn. Just purchased the EZ Hit Songs and just from reading a few paragraphs I know this will help me write music that can inspire the whole world.

Les Alexander, Amarillo, Texas
I downloaded Myspace Magic Manuscript and found it to be a fantastic resource to increase the exposure and traffic to myspace page. I look forward to utilizing the tips and links to improve my site, business, and success. Thanks!

Great Info

Great Easy to reference material. I hope to be a Star because of this great Info.

luis, gladiator records,
ez record deal is full of great info and has helped me formulate a path to getting that record deal I always wanted.

Eazy Record Deal from Ty Cohen is full of insightful and informative information that has helped me formulate a clear plan of action so I can finally get on that road to a record deal.

scott macfarland
this looks pretty good
Phillgud Entertainment ..

Easy record deal
Tuesday Watkins
I think EZ Hit Song is a great tool for beginner, intermediate & advanced songwriters. Also good for Lyricists as well.

Michael James,, ()
Hi my name is Michael James President OTS Records it's extremely refreshing to have access to a customer friendly company such as Platinum Millennium providing so many powerful resources & tools to help music industry professionals dreams come true thanks Ty ! your staff is doing a great job.

Drop Musik,
This book is HOT! I run a Hip Hop label and it's packed with good information.

Lil' D,, .., Cdbaby.comallBlockkingz
Hi this is Lil' D an artist on Blockkingz Entertainment. I think the lessons in this manual will change the way you see myspace and help further the independent music scene. A big A+ on the information, Thanks

Johnny Sprang The Vagabond Boys Saint Louis, Missouri

Volume is very helpful and I look forward to enhancing everything with Volume . Thanks again for good solid and reliable information.

Steve Owens VP of A & R Recipient of Platinum and Gold Records for breaking records.
Hi Ordered the Industry Yellow Pages just in case I didn't have contacts of some people in the industry. Our Record Label is new imprint on a Major Label wanted to make sure I had every manager, studio, etc. of importance. I did find that several of the numbers I checked were current on people so I feel happy with purchase. Plus the price you pay for this was a week at Starbucks... Have to say there were a lot of interesting bonuses in the package as well.

Dan Meyers St. Simons Island
I can't believe how much I'm learning

Dan Meyers
This information has opened me up to a whole new world. Thanks for all the help.

Rodney Pierce aka Rjp of the Young Donz,, Myspace.comYoungdonz

This item I has been a great help to me and my group. I learned some much from the Manuscripure that I didn’t know before. I learned new marketing strategies and promoting tips. I defiantly support this product keep up the good work Tycohen. Checkout the page www.myspace.comyoungdonz

This is a great amount of information I am not regretting the investment!

Archie "Vanzetti" Boone of Wax Gr Entertainment, Norfolk, VA. .
I woke up at a.m. out of my sleep and went to my check my email. My consultantfriend sent my a digital post card from Ty Cohen. I heard his voice mail and immediately purchase the Myspace Magic Manuscript. It's a.m., the same day, and I am implementing Ty's advise right now. I am not going to sleep until I done with the entire Manuel or until I can't go anymore

Diondre aka Dre G, Sacramento, Ca
Here's another one. One more report that helps on making your Myspace experience easier to handle. I have the Myspace Manuscript and now ! Very informative! Thanks!


John Carter Camelot Dr Douglasville, GA
Ty, your product has help me understand the in's and out of the music business. Because of your info, I am able to stay on top of my game. With out it I would be lost! Thank's

Contact me MCFLYGUY at
It's really dope information that's been provided to really start my very own record label.

Dj Alex Graham

This is an excellent product... and does exactly what it says on the tin. You can't get all these contacts, anywhere else, from just one place. Highly recommended.

Mr Morris
the industry yellow pages took some time but got the job done

Anne Hinds
In Canada we need to jump start and kick start the music industry. If more people get motivated and starting to move forward the better off our country will be.
Excellent product. Exactly the information I needed. Thanks!

Deginald, myspace.comameva
Ty Cohen has everything u need to b successful in this industry if u r serious. Thanx Ty for the knowledge and time to help me gain more in this game. Peace.

Ronald Graves III Biddulph Ave Cleveland, Ohio
The Industry Yesslow Pages is a major help to those who are trying to achieve any success in the music industry. From what I've learned, and experienced, alot of record companies refuse to accept unsolicited material, and with the Industry Yellow Pages, you have the contacts for major labelsdistribution companiesA&Rs, and all other contacts a person may need in order to reach out to the right people, the right way, and be heard. Thanks alot Platinum Millennium for everything, and I look forward to conducting alot more business with you in the near future.

Iman Green A.K.A epicdatdude
I have been getting your emails for a while a decided to try the myspace magic manuscript V and did everything it said and even though my page isn’t finished I did what you said and start adding friends and from there the friends request start coming to me. Thanks TY, epicdatdude myspace.comepicdatdude

Great Info
The is the best resource I've ever purchased. I've paid well over $. for less in the past. Thanks.

Kyle D. Garnett
Thank you very much for creating this site. You guys made our lives so much easier by provided all this valuable information at the click of a mouse. Let's not forget the PRICE! A REAL BARGAIN! I can't imagine how it would have cost us to pay a firm for consultation. You guys are life savers!

yellow pages has helped my career run itself

Ron Graves III Blaq Gold EntertainmentJerseyCleveland Records CoCEOArtistProducerEngineer
EZ Hit Songs is a very useful source for me. Not just me, but it is a very good source for any, and all aspiring artists who really want to make it in the Recording Industry. I've purchased several products from Ty Cohen, and Platinum Millenium, all of which I am completely satisfied with. Thanks for everything, and I look forward to doing more business with you in the near future.

Obed Ribera,,
I think this information is very helpful, especially to independent label that are trying to stay in the business, thankyou very much .

Corky Willis Oriole Lane Marietta, Ga.
Yhis was more for my money than I ever expected. WOW! Ty really delivers!

Kevin McCluskey
I read your ebook on copywritng and found it to be easy to follow and educational. It takes you step by step through the process of protecting your songs. Thanks.

Ronald Doiron
The Topics is very interesting Iam quite excited to read it all.

Elon Horsham
Great product. This production as stirred up so much interest and offers for our artist. Excellent ***** Keep them coming

roc that gangsta of love and young plugg

Philip Charles CD title take me to california look for it on my soon.
Hi there Ty, I am one of your fans believe that. I now have information coming gfrom all angles at me because of you and I am sure going to take full advantage of every thing you sent and I will keep you posted on my progress, that's a promise I can keep. My CD is done, but I am waiting on shrink wrap, mastering and duplication and I am done, but I can go ahead and sell online like crazy now that I have your info. Thank you, Phil

Marc Shyst
I was very impressed and overwellmd with the information found in the mauscript. Myspace Magic has brought me more fans and more sales, I'll advise any artist to check it out and do myspace the right way.

GWhiz ()
im very exicted about the myspace magic I been looking for myspace promotional materal on the internet for about two weeks but haven’t seen any thing that can compare to the wealth of info or the price

Stan Keeton,, , Houston, TX

I have purchased a number of Ty Cohen's great products and have been employing them toward creating a more dynamic music career. I would encourage everyone to give any of his products a try. Success to all!

EDDIE Rab Entertainment
I was brilliant!u guys are the best thing happening for my career!keep up the good work.

Val Nelson Isle of Man, UK
I am so inspired by the help that you send regularly. The EZ songwriting course is brilliant and exactly what I need to advance my songwriting to the next level. Thank you so much.

Junie Webson
This is my second time purchasing this product, I see there are some additional information, hopefully it will add some more insite into the use of myspace effectively.

Alex Brans,,
Thank you TY! For helping direct my focus to the areas that will work best for me to succeed

Sharon Drury

I must say that I've really learned a lot from from your Myspace Magic Manuscript... and I have been on Myspace for over year now... wish I would have had this information when I first set it up! There was so much valuable information that I never even thought about including and how to actually set it all up to look great! You also convinced me how important it is to include as much information as possible about myself on Myspace. So many new ideas... fabulous information... I can't wait to start redesigning and put all this information to work. Thank you, I am so grateful to you! Many Blessings!

Groove Street Records; Nick Molesowner & chief novice. (under construction). Email address Artist myspace site www.myspace.comjaredengelmier (soon to be revamped). Phone We are OPEN FOR BUSINESS and mostly ready, always willing & definitely ABLE!
I recently started an indy label. So far I have spent as much money as I can (or as much as my meager budget will allow) on Ty Cohen's books discs and downloads. Each piece has given me more insight into each particular avenue and has taken me from pure novice to informed novice. Step by step I am eliminating that learning curve. Thanks for the leg up! Watch for my artist Jared Engelmier, you'll see him and his hit music shortly if you haven't already! Believe it!

Denvil Gerrell FounderCEO Tribe of Asaph Artist Management & Production Company Sunrise, FL ..

TY Cohen has been a leader in the music industry as far as reference material to reall y help propel new and up and coming musicians as well as the seasoned musicians get ahead of the game in the music industry. The Ultimate Recodr Label course is full of note worthy information that grabs at your attention and feeds you with the necessary knowledge to become a winner. Not like other course Ty really breaks down everything so the user can relate, comprehend and apply everything that is taught. I recommend this course to anyone who is serious about becoming a viable force in the music industry

Anthony (Kaino) Emerson
Hey whats Good, This is Anthony For House Of Fire Entertainment and the information I receive from Ty Books and cds was really helpful to my success in this music Biz, Keep doing a great job Ty.

I love this product it helped me alot.

Elma Belnavis
I like the price you were selling for the music bundle, it is a great price I could not pass up this offer. I have a lots of work to do with the gospel music.

Pauly Nipple The Hairy Aureolas

EZ Radio is simple to use and is going to put us on every station across the country. You rock!

Mary Fisher
I am excited about the information you will send me. I have not been disappointed with qll the knowledge you have sent me. M.Fisher

Kyle Brooks, Blended Records, LLC P O Box Opelika, AL
Have just purchased the Manuscript and we are sure that it will have the same quality, easy to understand information that has been included in other products received from Ty.

Tom Johnson
This manual covers aspects of myspace that I was ignoring...not anymore! One of the most informative and effective marketing tools I have read in relationship to music promotion on myspace. In this business, Time is Money and I just saved countless hours of work...Thanks Ty!

MARK SHELBY amsea fax
I just downloaded the contact in the music industry! Wow! I thought it would just be a list of old record labels. . . .was I surprised! Thanks so much Ty! I been in the business for quiet a few years and when I order the musiccontracts cd and in one sentence you said on the cd. .I got info that i never new! unreal. . .Thanks Ty.

Regina Ross, PhD
Hello my name is Regina and I've purchased products from Ty previously. He offers some of the most informational products that you could obtain within the music and entertainment business. With the information that Ty provides it allows you to become educated about the industry without going to an expensive college or seating in a classroom. My experiences have been that many people in the industry won't or can't take the time to teach another especially with the market becoming more wider and the competition spreading rapidly. In addition, the profit and revenues that one can gain from Ty's products are well worth it and still owing Ty so much more. I'm a firm believer of his products because I've tested the information upon receiving it for myself and its all real. If you are one who is looking to be in the industry and want to obtain anyand all the information that's available to you, you are making the right decision. Just do it! I'm a customer for life and that's so surreal...

Everett James MurdaKill Productions myspace.commurdakillproductions Office: .. | Cell .. P.O. Box San Antonio, Texas
Just wanted to take a minute to thank my man Ty Cohen for all his help and support in providing reliable and most importantly real world advice on how to make realmoney in the music industry, regardless of experience. So all you independent artists and label that are wondering what the next step is you should take towards reaching your music industry dreams, the nxt step is to get with Ty and get moving on your dreams.

Hey Ty, thanks a lot for always providing me with fresh new ways of thinking about the business. Keep the good material coming!

Robert Davis
I just ordered my products and can't wait until I receive them. For I am looking to get my music heard by all the big music industry executives. I have been working on music for years and now I want to be heard like everyone else. I know that these products are going to help me to get where I want and need to be and get my music out there for the world to hear. These are very great products and I would recommend them to all my friends and anyone trying to get into the biz and that are in the biz. So thanks Platinum Millennium for making these products available to people like me. For I know that they really do work. Thanks again. Robert

Samuel B Coppedge Jr Knickerbocker Apt A Brooklyn NY NY Email: Phone: ()
This is my first time ordering. But, from what I can see, the books and CD's are packed with a myriad of information about the music business and how someone can be very successful in this profession(just what I'm looking for).Thanks to you, I'll be able to have an independent record label and much more! Thanks Again, Sam

clent gilbert
theese items were very helpful...and it was easy to download all the info i needed...thanks a lot for the help.

Anthony J Lauer,,
Overall the best information available to music lovers! Thanks ty!

Vicky Adair
I really love the products The Golden Keys to Success in the Music Industry CD and Ty Cohen's "EZ Radio Play" ebook. I know how much all this information is going to help me succeed in the music industry.Being that I was clueless before I found this valuable information.

Mike Igartua
I have been producing for years and had never ran into such valuable step by step and simple to follow promotion strategies for indie artists. Thanks Music Millennium!

Ty, I am looking forward to thoroughly going through my new purchase of how to sell my music to the Media. I'm sure it will be fulfilling and worthwhile venture. Thanks! Al, Redondo Beach, CA

Robert Lansing
Hi Ty! I just woke up this morning and I'm going to take extra vitamins today because I was up all night reading the make or break information in the MySpace Magic Manuscript, this is indeed the present and future of popular music!

Rob Medinger
Thanks for all the help! Your information has already given me insight that I did not find on how to get radio play anywhere else online!

Joe Dex
MySpace Magic Manual has given me a roadmap to success to promote my music on MySpace. Thanks Ty!
hey i just purchased the myspace manuscript . im ready to put it to work instantly.

Michael Harry
O.K. Listen People! My name is Michael and i don't play around when it comes to Internet Marketing. I would like to say that Ty Cohen has the most material for the money and he will give away products that are worth so much $$. This is the best and most informative stuff i have found. I can't even keep up with the information"hint" "hint" Good Luck people and stay focused!

Joe Dex
MySpace Magic has been such a valuable map to set up a MySpace account THAT WORKS! It gives you the direction and advice which works in this very competitive and highly populated industry, THANKS TY!
The Platinum Millennium course is excellent. I wish I would have had this course years ago.

Tracey R. SmithDallas, Texas email address:
I am so happy and very grateful to have a product like this. I have personally run into copyright problems in the past. But thanks to your product. I will be able to handle all of my copyright issue's without the hassle.

Larry E. Sturgill Mainstreet Features
My introduction to Ty Cohen came years ago when a friend loaned me a book on internet music sales writtne by Mr. Cohen. To say the book was enlightening would be an understatement. I've become a believer. The products Mr. Cohen offers allow you to map out a plan for success in the music industry.

William White,
My name is William aka Mental CEO and owner of Hip Hop R&B independent company called Like Minds Entertainment based out of Newport News Virginia. I thought the Radio Play guide was very helpful and informative and I can't wait to translate the advice into action.

Mauricio Herrera
Hi everyone... I have had the pleasure and grace to find in Ty Cohen and his products lots of helpfull information on how to turn my INDIE Record Label step by step in a succesfull money making machine. The comunication with im is always polite and fast. I will be on the look of seeking for more info on Ty Cohen's instructional books and other products. Regards Mauricio Herrera Ahora Records Inc.

Minister Jimmy Brown

The Ultimate Package is a success in starting your own record label

hi my name is damal gaillard of GLOBAL SPAWN PRODUCTIONS INC. located in bronx new the home of hiphop & r&b. the book i got eazy radio play has already opened my eyes to great konwledge & oppitunity, very well put info that i will be putting to the test soon thanks to tycohen keep up the good work & thanks againGLOBAL SPAWN PRODUCTIONS INC.

Ash Pezzola Welcome To Dreamsville Records

Very useful.

Jonathan from PA
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Timothy McGee ..
I've tried a lot of things to get my music played on the radio. And I've written a lot of songs. Some of which were recorded with out my permission. But with help from "The Easy Radio Play" I now have the imformation that I need to not only get my music put in rotation, but to also protect my songs. Thanx Ty. Timothy McGee

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