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We had an addition added to our home that also included a hot tube room. I received a letter from the building inspector over a year after the job was done saying that the company had never completed the final occupancy inspection/permitting process. I have e-mailed the company and repeatedly called them but have never got a return call. I had the building inspector come out to do this inspection on my own and as he was noting all the code violations he said that this company is notorious for not doing this final inspection and that he was going to start informing homeowners of this issue the town was having with this company. He was also considering increasing the dollar amount of the bond they need to post when starting a job (currently only $250). Because I trusted this company to do the job correctly I am now out of luck regarding the fairly obvious code violations and will most likely have to pay for the job to be fixed and brought up to code. I made a mistake in trusting this company to do the job correctly. Paying top dollar, I am very dismayed that at the corners this company cut. The code violations were only obvious to me when the building inspector pointed them out. If I were an expert in this field (building trades) I would have done the work myself.

The work quality is fair other than the code violations. They employ a lot of teenage workers so you will be paying top dollar for their on the job training. The company owners do not supervise these employees very well as evidenced by several errors they had to later fix. An example would be that the support legs for the outside deck were only 1/2 to 1/3 resting on the cement footings. I had to complain to the owner about this and he finally fixed it.(at first he said this was OK as the footings were not really needed. I said to fix it anyway. (Too bad all the code violations were not as obvious!) You will need to do intensive follow up if you use this company. You will also need to personally follow up on the final occupancy inspection/permit. It would seem to me that when the town building inspector said that this company REGULARLY fails to do the final occupancy inspection/permit that this is a deliberate attempt to not have to fix things they know the building inspector will find, even to the point of them forfeiting the $250 deposit they would get back upon completion of the occupancy permitting process. Their prices were average of the estimates and they generally completed the work on time, again, except for the myriad code violations/final occupancy inspection/permitting process. I wish there had been a web site like this I could have used before going with this company so I could make a more informed choice.


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      Jan 28, 2010

    As a follow up: The company fixed the issues and we received a occupancy permit in December 2009. We live in the TOWN of Mukwonago as opposed to the Village. I apologize for this not being in the original post.

    The owner genuinely was interested in repairing these issues and has seemed to really improve things from when we did our addition.

    I think it really reflects well when companies change direction and genuinely make good on past issues. Ideally, it would have been better to not have the issues in the first place. This must be part of the deal with any addition project.


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