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Mr. Kleen Painting and Pressure Washing  -  Job not completed!

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8:40 am
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Painting and power washing service serving Bucks County, PA and likely Philadelphia Tri State area. Contracted for painting job. Agreed to payments in 3rds. Price was very good, but not dirt cheap that you'd worry you get what you paid for. Dave, whom I understand to be the owner was very personable, offered references on current jobs in progress. They started work right away.

Each time Dave showed up for payment unannounced. Last time I was home alone and did not want to withhold payment. So I made last payment before job was finished due to good experience up to that point and painter asked to leave paint sprayer on site until they returned. So I thought we were covered.

Scheduled painter to come back to finish job. Due to start on Monday. Showed up a day or two prior to pick up sprayer and said would be out Monday. Never showed. Made numerous phone calls. On third call, Dave had me call painter, who I understood to be his employee directly to confirm a date. Spoke with painter. He did come out eventually for one day but did not complete full remainder of job. Said he'd be back and again never showed. In the end job about 90% completed.

Most upsetting we permitted two other potential customers to tour our home as a reference while our job was in progress and raved about the work. I also helped them carry out the heavy sprayer. Now I know why the references offer were jobs in progress not completed.

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Nov 18, 2008 8:15 pm

David Schilling, owner of Mr. Kleen, was contracted to powerwash and stain our deck. He seemed responsible, and represented himself as licensed and insured. Schilling sent two teenage boys that did not speak english to our house while we were at work to powerwash our cedar deck. My neighbor told me that the boys were holding the powerwasher so close to the wood that the planks were splitting. Our deck is ruined! To make matters worse David Schilling's insurance company will not cover his work product because he has had so many claims against him. We are now in the process of suing him, but we understand that he has had many judgements against him, and put all his assets in his wife's name so that no one can collect a dime. This jerk ruined our beautiful deck. Don't let it happen to anyone else...tell everyone you know about this creep.

May 05, 2008 2:06 pm

We just had a project "finished" by Mr. Kleen. They did not complete a small part of the job. The painter did not have a ladder. Also Mr Kleen forgot a key ingrediant for cleaning and asked us if we had it. Both red flags. The painting the painter did do is already peeling.

They did do a good job getting dirt off of home. They are not painters. Did not know they subcontracted this work out. Feel Fooled - shame on Dave the owner!

Same experience with some one knocking on our door for a reference - told they that job had not even started.

The company will now not return telephone calls.