Moti Kahana/Mordechai Kahanafraudulent business proposal, 100.000$ missing

L Oct 31, 2018
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I met Moti Kahana during North American Bitcoin conference in Miami on 2018.01.17 we had some interesting conversations and he presented himself as a trustworthy businessmen and a well known philanthropist.

On 2018.04.13 he approached me through signal messenger saying: "Hi brother i got into buying and selling BTC we have 1M for sale if u have buerys 5 to 10% discount depends on day and seller"

My business does cryptocurrency OTC, so this was a normal and attractive offer typical in this market. He also offered to use a well known law company as escrow.

The law companies involved was - The Seiden Group - and Confidential Global Investigations - -
These companies did KYC checks on our company on Moti's behalf before we proceeded with a deal. We had email from the director of The Seiden Group - Robert Seiden introducing us to his team to proceed with KYC.

We passed KYC.

We did some due diligence on Mr. Mordechai Kahana and the only things that could be found about him online was that he is running a not for profit organisation and has been a great entrepreneur and helped other people along the way.

After that these law companies sent a letter of intent on behalf of Mr. Kahana. Content is as follows:


I am pleased to present to you the following Letter of Intent for the purchase of $100, 000 USD
BTC, to be executed in tranches of 10-15 BTC per day. The total discount will be 6% to the
seller, of which 5% will be provided to the buyer and 1% to the Gate Inc as broker's
Commission. You have agreed to onboard $100, 000 into an account held on behalf of The Gate
Inc. Once the funds have been received, I will proceed to make best efforts to secure a seller. If
after two weeks' time, a seller has not been secure, you have the right to request a full refund or
to extend the transaction time for a period specified by you. Please note that a full KYC will
need to be completed in order to proceed.

Moti Kahana
Founder & CEO
The Gate Inc


After receiving this letter of intent Mr. Robert Seiden has disclosed:


Please note that this deal has no involvement of The Seiden Group, Confidential Global Investigations or our client 500OTC and we are not responsible for any element of this deal. Jen has simply provided the attachment as a courtesy to Moti. Thank you both.


We felt confident enough not to ask for escrow and as per letter of intent we have engaged in a business deal with Moti Kahana(Thegate INC) and wired him 84.800 EUR(equal to 100.000 USD at the time) on 2018.05.17 and Mr. Kahana was unable to deliver Bitcoin cryptocurrency, nor make a refund to our account since. This has been ongoing for over 5 months now.

Mr. Kahana has used The Seiden Group and Confidential Global Investigations to add legitimacy to his business proposal, but failed to deliver on every single statement he made.

Deal flow with Moti Kahana(Thegate INC) with timestamps:


Moti Kahana has came up with 48 excuses/explanations delaying the payment to us, starting 2018.05.31 and the payment has not been received yet.

He failed at minimum 7 times to acquire cryptocurrencies from sellers or auctions and has canceled 2 meetings without giving any reasonable heads up before that.

Starting September we have significantly escalated this issue contacting the law firms which were involved.
Moti Kahana started hiding behind lawyers and promising that everything will be fine and he wants to resolve it, but always needs to talk with his lawyers or waiting for them so they can prepare some "proposal".

During the 5 month period he never mentioned, that he would not pay the money back and most of the time he responded in a timely manner with more excuses.

In October he confessed, that he has gambled away a large portion of the sent amount, by buying some cryptocurrency for himself and waiting for the price to go up.

Moti's lawyer has sent a proposal to settle this debt, by offering to pay back the money in ~5 months with no losses covered, which we turned down and replied with a letter of demand to settle in 2 weeks.

Right now we are preparing to file for court in a few days and it is very likely he will get criminal charges for this as well.

Beware doing any business with the guy, because he looks trustworthy and he is always optimistic, creating the impression that he is working hard on the issues that need solving. Moti Kahana will say anything you would like to hear and will not keep any of his promises.

fraudulent business proposal, 100.000$ missing
fraudulent business proposal, 100.000$ missing

  • Updated by Linasr · Nov 10, 2018

    Update the process and the dealings we had last week:

    At the beginning of this week Moti's lawyer approached us, saying that Moti will send 40% partial repayment in cryptocurrency right away if we sign a stipulation deal, which includes confidentiality from our side. My lawyer at the time was minutes away from filing a civil lawsuit. After seeing motivation to peacefully settle we agreed to negotiate, so my lawyer and Moti's went back and forth for 3 days and my lawyer drafted a stipulation agreement for the exact terms Moti Kahana has requested. He requested a grace period to pay back the 60%, confidentiality terms and that my lawyer should prepare the agreement. I spent $400/h on an agreement Moti wanted and we finally got it signed by myself and Mordechai Kahana. However Moti Kahana once again broke the agreement at its first due date, when he was suppose to do a 40% repayment in cryptocurrency.

    We are now filing the lawsuit once again and i will keep this thread updated.

    Adding additional information about the company and him

    Company details:

    Thegate INC
    275 route 10 east suite 220 box 270 Succasunna NJ 07876
    Registered Broker (registration code K-6581) approved by the United States Department of State's, Office of Defense Trade Controls Compliance

    Moti Kahana social media profiles:

  • Updated by Linasr · Dec 06, 2018

    Update on the process:

    Kahana simply ignored this process coming further. He finally got served with our lawsuit a few days ago, after an agency was trying to serve him for about 2 weeks.

    Before getting served, he probably knew that something was coming along and tried to [censored] us by pretending that he will make a partial payment in cryptocurrency and invited me to come to Iraq to pick $50.000 in cash. Attaching chat images. No payments have been received so far.

    Additional information about his other cryptocurrency company:

    500OTC INC, website - here he is pretending to run an over the counter desk buying large quantities of cryptocurrency. - his other cryptocurrency project.

    Other companies he is related to:
    The Man/Kind Project, Inc.
    Rent2Buy INC

    He also recently wrote a book with a co-author Howard Rankin called: Looking For God in Syria



  • Sp
    spore_spawn Dec 14, 2019
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    Op Eds 10/29/2017 at 01:26:09 H3'ed 10/29/17
    IDF Brigadier General Mordechai Kahana suspended, held a container of weapons at home
    By Joseph Zernik

    Tel-Aviv, October 28 -- Israeli media reported this week that Brigadier General Mordechai Kahana was suspended and is under investigation, related to a container of weapons, which he held at home. [1] The case was initially under a gag-order, a common practice in Israel today...

    Mordechai Kahana's uncle is the late right-wing, radical, violent Rabbi Meir Kahana, and his cousin is the late, right-wing radical Benjamin Kahane... The case of IDF Brigadier General Kahana raises some interesting questions:

    How could Kahana maintain such a container and move it around, going unnoticed by the Shin-Bet for years?

    How did a person with such family background get the necessary security clearance to get to such position in IDF? Extreme left-wing family connections of this sort, or even family connections to immigrants from the former soviet union, would have nixed similar military careers.

    Would the investigation and prosecution be duly handled? ...

    Israel Hayom:

    American-Israeli businessman denies facilitating sale of Kurdish oil in Syria to Israel
    Moti Kahana says his only goal is to prevent oil exports from Kurdish-held northern Syria to Iran and the Assad regime. Kahana to Israel Hayom: "I do not serve any side in this story because I have one goal – for Syria to be democratic, free and live in good neighborliness with Israel. I don't serve Israel, I am an American citizen, but everyone can benefit from this."

    by Neta Bar
    Published on [protected]:22

    Trump says he wants to keep Syria's oil. There's a big problem with that
    Patrick J. Mcdonnell, Los Angeles Times
    and Nabih Bulos, Los Angeles Times
    November 05, 2019 at 08:46 AM

    ...So far, said Jia Kurd, the Kurdish official, there had been only preliminary discussions with companies. An Israeli businessman, Moti Kahana, claims his company, Global Development Corp., became the representative of the Kurdish-led administration for the sale of oil. He shared with The Times a letter from the Kurds saying his company also had "the right to explore and develop oil that is located in areas that we govern.

    KYC... 5 min search.


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