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Mopar review: Backorder transmission

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12:55 pm EST
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I have had my dodge ram 2500 truck in the shop at the seelye dodge dealership in paw paw, mi for 2 months. It isn't the dealerships fault it is all mopar. I purchased the lifetime warranty when I purchased the truck new. The transmission went out and I have been waiting for part to repair the transmission for 2 months. The customer service gave me a case number [protected]. I have spoken numerous times with the mopar customer service, all they can say is they are still looking for a transmission parts. So what am I supposed to do this truck is my only way to get to work. I have purchased many dodge trucks over my career, and this has been the worst experience ever. I don't want to have to change to a different truck but evidently mopar can't stand behind their warranty in a timely manner. I am a union pipefitter and I will not recommend dodge trucks to any of my union brothers and sisters at my next union meeting and all of the jobs' sites I will work on in the future.

Desired outcome: to have my truck fixed

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