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Yesterday my friend was enjoying lunch at Jack In The Box on Mill Avenue and University in Tempe Arizona. He was harassed by an employee of Monster Towing, a company with a notorious reputation, as he was exiting the restaurant. My friend was able to snap a photo of the employee named "Jesse". Jesse harassed my friend and threaten to call police to remove him from the property despite the fact my friend was a paying customer. I myself was friends with Monster Towing owner David Michael Sweetman's wife Laura who died under suspicious circumstances last year following a nasty divorce from David.

David Michael Sweetman's company is a fraud; for years his company has broken state laws by towing cars away from Jack In The Box without warning. Paying customers to the location would then come outside after eating only to see their vehicles vanished. Owner Adel Farag would then refer them to Monster Impound and Recovery in Phoenix. The customers would then travel all the way out to 902 east Broadway, one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Phoenix, to pick up their cars. Arizona state laws require that customers be allowed to drive their cars away without paying and Monster usually only gives people access to their vehicles when the customers call police. Yes Monster still has a right to charge people who broke the rules and illegally parked but the customers themselves are allowed to take the case to small claims court. David Michael Sweetman had lost countless judgments in court and doesn't even bother showing up.

In addition, Monster Towing has a reputation for stealing from cars. My uncle got his car towed and ended up losing an HP laptop yet "Monster cannot be held liable"! The Monster employee who harassed my friend, "Jesse", ha a reputation as David Michael Sweetman's right hand man. "Jessie" recorded my friend upon his exiting the restaurant and my friend tried to be nice to him offering to shake his hand but "Jesse" refused. My friend also asked him about the accusations levied against his boss David Michael Sweetman about the suspicious death of his wife in December 2014. "Jesse" said the "divorce was already finalized" but that doesn't make key facts go away.

Laura endured years of physical and mental abuse at the hands of David Michael Sweetman. She had just won big in the divorce and David was bitter. In addition, Laura was a physically healthy 43 year-old women with young children. She was definitely not the suicidal type nor was she suffering from cancer or any kind of disease. She once told me and other friends in private that David threatened to poison her several times as well as other people he had disputes with. I know for a fact he was furious over the divorce.

As I end my post I ask that you boycott Monster Impound and Recovery and Monster Tow and use a more reputable company. I also ask that people wanting to grab a bite to eat in Tempe boycott the Jack In The Box on 721 south Mill avenue until Adel Farag chooses to cut ties with Monster Towing and get a different more reputable tow company. David Michael Sweetman and his employees like "Jesse" are scam artists who flagrantly abuse the law and hold peoples cars hostage for money. I hope that after reading my post you will cease doing business with them if you haven't already.


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      Dec 28, 2015

    My two cousins from out of town and I went to Tempe to dine at P.F. Chang's and enjoy the Mill St Experience. We parked in a lot clearly marked Pulic Parking. There were cars parking in a row toward the back of the lot and we parked there also, after checking two vague no parking signs in another area of the lot. It seemed that cars were ot to park between those signs. When we returned from dining, my car had been towed and the tow driver was preparing to tow another car. We had to pay $155.00 cash only to retrieve my car. He had his small son with him 'working' and this was late for an 8 to 9 year old. The tow driver pointed to another sign hidden conveniently by the only two cars that hadn't been towed and were there when we arrived. This screams 'bait lot' and why the Tempe a Chamber of Commerce who must know about this scammer continues to tolerate his nefarious actions is beyond me unless they have a stake in the game. The small son admitted to my cousin while I was signing a form IN THE DARK that his dad tows around 8 cars per night. At 155.00 per car? Cash? The operator also had a taxi company on speed dail and they showed up just a little too quickly. Shameful! He will find out that Karma idoles out cruel justice on its own, but until then 3 angry Irish women will follow this up with the Chember, the Mayor, the newspaper and the state representatives. Tourism is BIG out here and this scam is enough to sour tourism!

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      May 05, 2018

    The first person is a liar. They were not friends with laura. Anyone who was a friend of hers would know they could ask her to call David and get the car back for free. This is just some loser trying to stir the pot and start bs over something that isn’t true. I know David and knew laura. Ya they were getting divorced and they were both upset. But the reason David was never even questioned is because two years before she passed she had a heart attack. A friend of hers would have known that little fact but this person didn’t. Also laura’s father was diagnosed with a rare heart condition a couple years after laura’s passing so it was probably a hereditary issue that went undiagnosed. The people who get on these boards and pretend like they know something don’t really even know the people. They are frauds who just need to feel important or desperately want someone to listen to them. Laura’s real friends didn’t spend any time with the ho group that clung to laura trying to church up their crappy lives. One or two were dirty female cops another one was a personal trainer and a couple more were housewives that were cheating on their husbands. One got caught and he left her and moved out of state. One of the cops was literally a single white female stalker type of [censored] that was jealous of laura because she was so accomplished and had kids. I guess she couldn’t have kids and was depressed about her existence. Laura always said that’s why she had such low self esteem and slept around so much. Does that sound like the kind of group a pediatric neurologist would call friends? Sorry they can’t even speak her language! Lol.

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      May 19, 2018

    The IRS judge and her lawyer called it suspicious and the case is still in limbo. Plus Monster owes me 1500.00 for an illegal tow and if he showed up in court id of whooped his [censored] and we both would of been sitting in the Shoe but he sent his now murdered wife to do a mans job intsead. I met someone at the swap meet didnt know he was with monster until after he pulled off and hand me his card he had a 300lb chick with a triple chin huffing to get up in the truck with him. they also got the Magistrate in thier pocket because I came to get all their stuff but they wouldnt serve
    him because he was never there just some chick who overlapped the chair and couldnt get out to get up to go to the window. now they sold the company to somebody else.
    Ask him about the semi truck he towed im that guy at the same address come see me and we can talk about it . We can talk 1500 plus interest worth. Or ill come to you to discus payment arrangements or however you want . You still at 17507 East orchid lane? the house in the court? with the kids tricycles outside?

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      Jun 07, 2018

    I sued Sweetman...and won! Go, me!

    I didn't know they sold the company to someone else. I tried calling Monster's number a few months ago and got some carpet cleaning service. I just assumed that Sweetman didn't want to engage in dirty business anymore because he didn't want to draw any heat to himself that would motivate law enforcement to take a closer look at Laura's death.

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      Dec 12, 2019

    I meet Laura about10 years ago having lunch in a restaurant in Gilbert AZ close to her practice office a lady very intelligent, witty and hard worker, we have many lunches together saw
    her at the school her kids and my grandkids use to go where she meet my wife and we use to go to the same fitness club, I know it was having problem with her marriage but that's all I know by 2013 I lost track of her did not saw her at the regular places but I know she was physically active and in good shape so because of that I found very mysterious she died of a heart attack, (remember she was a doctor) I never mee her husband but I know it was something wrong in their relationship ( I cannot prove anything) but I think he has bad temper please understand my comments here are a hypothesis but if her death was natural R.I.P. if foul-play existed she deserves

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