Missouri Department of Conservation Agent Shannon Smithwrongly accused

H Oct 10, 2019

Some agents on Missouri are horrible. They take the authority to far. If someone has done something wrong then they should be explaining the law. I have recently experienced a situation with Shannon Smith in Schuyler County and now I have had to hire lawyers. This agent may of been just having a bad day but to come to our farm and accuse us of lying is inappropriate. We tried to explain what happen and he wouldn't even listen. He decided in his mind before he even got to the farm what he thought happen and it was far from the truth. The ticket may of been under $100 and now lawyers have cost us thousands but I don't like to be accused of lying and I will fight this to the end no matter what I have to do. Agent Shannon Smith is a liar. Any conservation agent that cannot tell the difference between a deer shot with a arrow and a deer shot with a bullet should not be a agent. You can clear tell the difference. I even have pictures to prove it. I am also will to pay for specialists to review the pictures and test the deer. I am so disappointed in system. I have never had an agent been so rude as Mr. Smith. I will also be sending letters and emails to the conservation department and anyone else that willing to hear my story. I am giving Mr. Smith time to admit he jumped to conclusions and he's was wrong before I explain what happen on social media. Mr. Smith everyone makes mistakes and it's time for you to own up to yours.

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