Mission Valley DentalKyleen Kassner

Mission Valley Dental ripped me off in May of 2008, their attorney, Brian Kamel, continues to put me off while indicating he is mediating this with me and going to issue a check to me. MV Dental had me (a first time patient) in their office for FIVE hours. The manager, Kyleen is this little, loud, fast talking car salesman who tells you you must have all the work done that day in order to get a better price. She intermittently berated employees while I sat in her office. The bill came to something outrageous like 9, 000 so I told her I could only do a portion of it. Five hours later, three dentists couldn't get me numb and told me they had given me the max amount of novacane the law would allow. I went to an emergency appt with a root canal specialist a day later who told me that MV dentists had sawed into the tooth on BOH SIDES of my problem, tooth. Both had to be crowned. I went back to MVD the same day and told them. The dentist told me that it was "almost impossible not to" hit the teeth on either side. I told the manager I wanted to be re-imbursed for work I was charged for but hadn't had done yet. She said over and over that all the work I paid for had been done. I walked right back to the dentist and asked her if impressions had been taken (I was THERE, they were not taken). She said no, and marked off on the paper (much to the managers disdain) the procedures that had not yet been done. When Kyleen left, the front office receptionist whispered to me to "come back on Tuesdays, the manager is not here". I wrote a letter to them asking for my money back and to pay for additional work THEY CAUSED and I have been put off for going on two years now.

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