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Minimagic Yorkies

Minimagic Yorkies review: yorkie 1

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In March I purchased a 10 week old yorkie from Christine and within the first day of having her in my home we noticed she was infested with ticks. We took her to the vet a few days later and were told that her ears were infected which was caused from the bacteria from the ticks. Our home was essentially tick free, but it's not now and 4 months later we are having to have a pesticide company come into our home to get rid of the ticks because it's been an ongoing problem ever since. I have had them on myself and my other 3 dogs as well. Unfortunately I would never get another yorkie from this breeder.

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Frostproof, US
Dec 04, 2021 8:54 pm EST

in dec. my 5# yorkie passed & I wanted to get another. I called her, she told me to call in Feb & price would be around $1500 then. in feb, she only had 2 remaining males so i went. All along i told her I needed a lil one 5 to 6 #. I put a $300. deposit & she said microchip was on her, no charge. When i went to pick him up, her price increased from my $1700. balance to $2300. She took my reciept so there was little i could do. I have a limited ability to lift heavy weights so a small one would be great. He's not yet a year old, has a dog face & weights 10+ #. Im unable to pich him up as he's huge. Beyond the top end weight for a yorkie. He is not fat just a layer over his bones.A breeder knows alot about the the dame &sire to get an idea the size of pups in the litter. I should have known better but she seemed like a qualified breeder. I'm so disapppointed and have no recourse but to warn others.
kathe groll