Milleridge Inndeceptive birthday offer

S Aug 03, 2018

Been coming here for decades..Steered/referred plenty of friends and family...gave them plenty of business...even published small articles on a facebook always gave this place..the staff...the food ten stars overlooked the lax service we did sometimes receive...My birthday is approaching. i received a card that stated outright free dinner and a complimentary birthday cake--should have read and noticed the very very tiny print it only covers $35.00 of my dinner price!...I called and spoke to a very young girl who was clueless named Nicky..Asked her about this free business on the card she insisted it was as written/stated..decided to triple check with the manager on site named Paul...when i asked him why this was so deceptively written and why it was not clearly stated..he got very nasty with me i am an asset to this place..great tipper...fabulous customer! called the dover group who runs this and quite a few other establishments and lodged a complaint...also on facebook! so i guess it will not be a happy birthday Judy...:(

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