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Mildred J. Michalczyk Esq.

Mildred J. Michalczyk Esq. review: Mildred Michalczyk Esq. 4

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9:14 pm EST
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This Lawyer breaches the attorney/client privilege and bills for services not rendered. If you refuse to pay her fraudulant bills, she will later try and extort the monies from family members. Beware!

Upon information and belief, I find this women a poor and disgraceful excuse for an attorney in Suffolk County, NY.

This behavior is so unbecoming of an attorney, didn't they teach you anything in law school? From the look of these childish ramblings, I think you were absent!

Mildred J. Michalczyk Esq., these violation will also be forwarded over to the Grievance Committee. You obviously don't respect your law licence any longer. What a waste.

Update by zenobia
Jan 09, 2009 2:10 pm EST

Mildred J. Michalczyk Esq. is a bully and she will not be tolerated. Her Paranoia is either her sickness or hobby, neither is clear.
Mildred J. Michalczyk Esq. is disgruntled because she was asked NEVER to return to ALR because of the numerous complaints that have compiled against her against her former clients.
May I remind you Mildred J. Michalczyk Esq., the only investigation that is actice and open is the current attorney Grievance against you, get a grip on your self. Are you still a licenced attorney?, your behavior, dilutional ramblings & obsessions would say no way.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Carrie, Arthur, Luigi, Grace, Maggie
Wheatley Heights, US
Jan 09, 2009 10:58 am EST

This tainted comment was obviously made by Lisa Mackenzie aka Lisa C. Gagliano.

Will this unidentified person please identify herself?

Please Google Lisa Mackenzie aka Lisa C. Gagliano and Michael T. Galvin's name for further information.

We will not donate to "don't vote for lawyers" (Lisa has now changed the name of the avatar knowing that she has been identified by the investigators) aka Americans 4 Legal Reform until she is removed from the Board of Americans4 Legal Reform. Why did Carl Lanzisera put her on the Board when there are so many qualified candidates?
Lisa Mackenzie aka Lisa C. Gagliano has members come to Court and does not tell them why and uses information she obtains on their cases without their knowledge. She did not appear when C was arrested.

Use extreme caution! Don't be fooled! Do not donate to Americans4 Legal Reform until Lisa Mackenzie aka Lisa C. Gagliano is removed from the Board.

Do not put money in the hat. All meetings are being recorded and a video tape of the donations placed in the hat is being made.

Consumers beware. Government entities do not donate! Foundations find other places to give your money until Lisa Mackenzie aka Lisa C. Gagliano is removed from the Board.

Do not tolerate bankruptcy fraud, stock manipulation, and perjury!

Note that all trading of Weida Communications has been halted, civil actions commenced, and criminal proceedings instituted. Beware!

Caring Individual
Huntington, US
Mar 19, 2009 2:45 pm EDT

Virtually nothing in the complaint penned by 'zenobia'' is true or factual. This submission was the result of a very disturbed person who, apparently after losing a Court case used this forum to smear a woman who is perhaps the finest, most skilled, fairest and most caring attorney in the state. Ms. Michalczyk is considered one of the fiercest advocates in the history of her profession.

It is my observation that, based on the ridiculous and loosely anonymous signature of the writer of the rant that it was actually the ravings of a woman from Huntington Station, New York whose 'Reform group' and affiliated "Alliance" pretends to be involved with foreclosure, bankruptcy, and family law matters but which actually uses circumstances of persons in need for her own gain, both financial and political.

Regardless of any of these unsubstantiated writings, anyone who is sincerely interested in the reputation of Ms. Michalczyk should certainly not consider the smear that was written here as anything other than a loser's rant and a significantly immature and wildly unprofessional attempt for retribution against an attorney whose primary concern is and always has been the best welfare of any client involved in the painful proceedings of divorce or other family matters or general litigation matters.

A forum such as this that accommodates anonymous, libelous entries should never be considered as resources for anything. The only way for you to know the truth regarding Ms. Michalczyk is to contact any other reputable source of information regarding attorneys' histories and reputations. I assure you that you are certain to discover that 'zenobia's complaint is criminally wrong and that, in fact, "zenobia" has been arrested on multiple occasions.

Giving any credence to the puerile writings of that woman who signed herself 'zenobia'' and "tiredofmildred' and 'tiredofmildredmichalczykesq' and 'no lawyer' and 'misleading lawyer' would be the equivalent of relying on writings on a bathroom wall.

Huntington Station, US
Mar 25, 2009 1:23 pm EDT

Mildred J. Michalczyk Esq., is an abusive attorney and her inappropriate behavior in extremely unbecoming of an attorney. Consumer beware!
Google this attorney and do your homework, reach out to various organizations and ask about her. Mildred J. Michalczyk Esq, violates her Professional Code of Ethics at her clients expense.

Aug 21, 2011 10:43 pm EDT

I have experience with American for Legal Reform and the person that is illegally doing much of their court paperwork. He is a thief by the name of George H. I will leave it there for now.

I know firsthand of the activities of this individual and the relationship that he has with Carl L. of ALR.

This organization is preying upon people who have been victimized by the family court system, accepting monthly dues, and then sitting back and remaining silent as the members are not only being victimized by the courts, but by the people within ALR as well.

You want more information?

My name is Sean Delevan and I am very easy to find.