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Midnight Velvet

Midnight Velvet review: Customer service

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I have called several customer service phone numbers and every phone number I called asked for my name which was alright. Then recording asked me why I called, I told them I would like to return an item, they said on the recording I will transfer you, when I was transferred it said we are experiencing high volume and call back later on five different numbers I looked up online. I filled out also online, about my return and after that they needed a code that they sent to my email and went back to my email and it was gone so that did not go through. I was also going to order something else but I could not reach them about this issue first. I am sure if I had said order, they would have answered. Do not do business with Midnight Velvet. I had an issue Christmas on a order and I never received it. The magazine I recieve I always is sent to my correct address but the order was sent to a wrong address and when I called they said they could not deliver it and it was returned back to them. They have now my correct address on orders but I did not know then they had to wrong address for delivers on orders but correct address for the magazine. Maybe two companies but I had to call to find this out and the order was a present for someone and they never received it because of their mistake. In the past I receive my orders at this address. I did not move and been here twenty years and all of sudden like everyone else in this world, no one seems to care especially if your the victim, customer or recipient. This is my second message, the first did not go through.

Desired outcome: To speak to customer service without telling me to call back later. I would like to return one item and credit back on my Midnight card (refund) and was going to order another item but did not get through by phone number(s) nor email.

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